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I know some people say Christmas decorations shouldn’t go up before the first of December (or if you are Dutch like me you have to wait until after Sinterklaas) but that doesn’t mean you can’t start your shopping yet. Most of the items on my December gift list are already ticked off and last week I dropped by Target and purchased some lovely pieces for our Christmas lunch:

Celebrate Christmas Table

White and sparkly, purple and glittery, pink and shiny, there are plenty of modern Christmas colour schemes to choose from but personally I like the traditional colours. I love a beautifully made up table and as a family of six I have plenty of big family gatherings ahead of me, it’s so much fun setting the Christmas table for a lovely group of special people.

Celebrate Share Plate

Especially for the December celebrations Target has released a festive range of tableware in a classic red and white colour scheme, just how I like it! The exclusive Celebrate collection captures the essence of Christmas (or any other special occasion) with words like joy, share, friends, celebrate, family and enjoy printed on beautiful and practical tableware. From porcelain plates and serving platters to glass tumblers and champagne flutes and from cake stands and butter bowls to table cloths, placemats and much more, they’ve got your next party covered.

Celebrate Butter Bowl

With 4 young children and a bunch of cousins and little friends I am afraid lengthy, fancy meals are out of the question so we’re keeping it simple this year with lots of yummy ‘easy’ dishes that can be enjoyed in between games, play and stories. Homemade herb butter in this sweet Celebrate Bowl with Spreader ($10) with freshly baked baguette served on the Celebrate Sandwich Platter ($15), a refreshing fruit salad, quiche, vegies and dips, Dutch cheese and plenty of other tasty treats to fill hungry tummies of all sizes, it may not be your traditional Christmas lunch but I have no doubt my kids will give the menu the thumbs up.

Celebrate Serving Platter

Of course you all know I like to shop smart so I made sure to combine some of the special Christmas pieces with a few ‘plain’ items for everyday use. The red table runner ($5) and large Canteen Plates ($7) can be purchased all year around and with their bright red outside these simple yet elegant plates are the perfect match for the smaller Celebrate Plates ($15 per 3-pack), they look just beautiful together. Next to the plates I will pop a Celebrate Christmas Cracker ($7 per 6-pack), I know the jokes are usually not the best but my kids love them anyway and the little hats make for the cutest photos.

Celebrate Enjoy Plate

Now that the twins have learnt to write they are very keen to give each of their school buddies a Christmas card on the last day of term so on my way out I quickly grabbed a few packs of these Handmade Christmas Cards ($4 per 10-pack), they are very strategically placed next to the checkouts so you can’t miss them. The cards feature the same beautiful words as the rest of the Celebrate range and they’re very well priced, bonus!

Celebrate Christmas Cards

To find out more about Target, to browse the range and to locate a Target store near you go to

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  14 Responses to “Target Christmas giveaway”

  1. The table runners always create a beautiful table along with the classic red and white plates and sauces. I absolutely love target and their wonderful christmas decorations. The best store in Australia.

  2. I would like new christmas plates , cute and needed

  3. Anything with my name on it, so far it’s the handmade cards and the crackers!

  4. I love the Bon Bon’s, they are always a hit with everyone, young or old!

  5. Stunning Chrissy candles always gives a beautiful atmosphere.

  6. I really love that bright ‘celebrate’ table clothing- Stunning!

  7. The tableware, it reminds me to be happy!

  8. The red & white Celebrate plates look great

  9. I agree nothing captures the essence of Christmas (or any other special occasion) with words like joy, share, friends – the celebrate collection is on my list .

  10. When you have beautiful plates and glassware it doesn’t matter how inept someone is at decorating it will always look great

  11. The bread and butter side plates are very sweet!

  12. I would like to get some disposable Christmas cups because there is always so much to do on Christmas day and washing cups for all the kids is not something i have to do.

  13. I love the Red Pop Plates and the Missoni Black and White Plates! I think they would add a nice pop of Christmas cheer along with some crazy patterns to stir up some laughter!

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