Nov 082014

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Over the past few months we’ve been following Our Australian Girl characters Pearlie and Daisy on their separate journeys and enjoyed a taste of what Australia was like in the olden days. The fourth and final books in the series have now been released so the time has come to wrap up their stories:

Pearlie's GhostNow that Darwin has been destroyed by the Japanese Pearlie can no longer stay, all the ships have left so the only way out is the railway to the south. The war has displaced people all over the country and alongside many others Pearlie is put on a train to Adelaide, a long way away from her parents who have been sent to Perth. It’s a long, sticky, uncomfortable and at times scary trip but there is one thing that keeps Pearlie going, the thought of her friend Naoko who has been placed somewhere near Adelaide too.

After catching a spy and surviving a bombing Pearlie has become quite the adventurer and decides to go find Naoko herself. With a letter from Naoko in hand and a description of what her new temporary home looks like Pearlie sets of to Meningie and manages to locate Naoko, what an amazing feeling it is to finally hug her best friend again. After solving one last mystery in Pearlie’s Ghost (RRP $14.95) and with the help of Naoko and her host Pearlie leaves Adelaide to be reunited with her family, she can’t wait.

Daisy on the RoadTo everyone’s surprise Daisy manages to find out what is making little Annie Bailey so unwell and as a thank you the Bailey family is going to help Daisy in her search for her father and sister. In Daisy on the Road (RRP $14.95) she finally sees her horse again and sets of on a long ride to find her missing family. From sleeping rough and being robbed to meeting kind strangers, it’s an interesting trip to say the least and she finally reaches the area where her father was last seen.

No one has seen or heard of him, Daisy’s last hope is an unnamed patient in the hospital who has been in a coma for some weeks, could that be him? For months she has dreamt about this moment, her dad wakes up from his coma and with the help of the police their sister will soon be returned to them as well. The Baileys have offered to take the family in so dad can recover and later he can stay on as their gardener, on top of that they have adopted Daisy’s friends from the orphanage. Daisy’s luck has finally turned around and what an amazing life she has ahead of her.

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