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Last month I wrote about my holiday diet, five weeks of delicious European food extended by a generous two months of feeling homesick after we returned has not gone unnoticed on the scales so a few weeks ago I decided that enough is enough. I ditched the junk food (OK I didn’t throw it out, I just ate it all…) and started afresh with healthy eating and exercise while the twins are at school. Our little 4-year old had joined in the action too and keeps active with her LeapFrog LeapBand:

LeapFrog LeapBands

The LeapFrog LeapBand is a compact, fun, portable activity tracker for children aged 4-7. At LeapFrog they know all about making learning fun and know they are also helping kids to get moving using engaging, age appropriate games and exercises on a cool ‘watch style’ mini-computer.

LeapFrog LeapBand GreenThe LeapBand concept is based on a virtual pet that needs to be fed, played with and looked after. Children can choose their favourite pet and customise its colour and name for a real personal experience. Unlike the 90’s trend Tamagotchi which just needed a press of a button to do the caring a LeapBand is interactive and requires the child to get active to keep their pet happy and content.

The activity tracker features a high resolution colour screen and just four buttons making it easy to manage for young children. Instructions and rewards are being read out loud so even children who can’t read just yet can play. Swim like a fish, walk like a penguin, hop like a kangaroo, row your boat, with 50 different challenges there are a lot of ways to get moving. By completing challenges kids can earn Jewels/Joules to look after their pet, the more you jump, stretch, crawl, wiggle, dance, shake and stomp the happier your pet will get.

Featuring a strong, flexible and adjustable waistband the LeapBand can be made to fit little wrists perfectly. The cleverly designed wristband is not completely round but flat on top and stiff on the sides so that the screen will stay on top as opposed to roll down underneath the wrist when moving because of gravity.

LeapFrog LeapBand PinkOur three oldest children (a 4 year old and 6 year old twins) all love playing with the LeapBand, I admit they do sometimes argue about taking turns but generally they all do the same exercises with only 1 person wearing the LeapBand and are quite happy with a ‘group exercise’. It’s lovely to see them have fun while moving and getting rid of some excess energy. We have had a few young guests lately who tested the LeapBand too and they all really enjoyed it (so did their mums who immediately added it to the Christmas shopping list).

Some more handy information: LeapBands can easily be recharged using a USB charging cable (included) so there are no batteries that need to be replaced or that could fall out and pose a danger. Parents can follow their child’s progress by connecting the LeapBand to a computer, you can see what your child’s activity is like and you can limit your child’s playtime by setting school times and quiet times. As good as exercise is for children, variety is good too and this parent control allows you to decide on an arrangement that suits your family.

LeapFrog LeapBand BlueThe LeapFrog LeapBand (RRP $59.99, green and pink) is now available from all major retailers and independent toy stores across Australia. If you love standing out from the crowd you may want to pop into your local BigW store as BigW is the exclusive Australian stockist of the very cool blue LeapBand, you can’t purchase it anywhere else. Looks pretty awesome if you ask me!

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit

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