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When you’re out of the country for almost 6 weeks you are bound to miss something so I have quite a lot of catching up to do. Exciting new products, beautiful summer collections and brand new book releases, it will take me some time to update you on it all. If you are a regular Hip Little One reader you may have been reading along with our Our Australian Girl book reviews and while we were away another four books became available, today I am sharing two of them:

Daisy in the MansionAs you may remember Daisy found herself in an orphanage far away from her sister and her father and desperate to be reunited with her family. All hope seems gone when she is taken away and adopted by two strangers in Daisy in the Mansion (RRP $14.99). The house may be fancy and the beds soft, the dresses beautiful and the food delicious but Daisy is determined not to get used to the life of luxury at the Bailey Residence. All she wants is to go home and Daisy decided the quickest way to escape is by being as horrible as possible.

Then Daisy is introduced to Annie Bailey, the Bailey’s daughter who is very poorly and bedridden, and they hit it off straight away. She feels for the girl who gets no sun or fresh air and even sneaks her out for a little trip around the garden. While she feels very terrible about her bad behaviour she realises time is running out to find her sister, the quicker the Bailey’s send her back the better. Annie is only getting sicker and once Daisy discovers why she wants to help her but it’s too late and she is sent back to the orphanage… or isn’t it too late after all?

Pearlie the SpyOver to Pearlie in Darwin who was supposed to board a big ship with her parents and escape from the war but instead ran off to find a home for her monkey Tinto. Luck is not on her side and instead of sailing to safety she runs into Mr. Beake, the suspected spy. With few people left in town and one of them being Mr. Beake’s girlfriend Pearlie decides to hide in the bush and work out a plan. Her best chance at catching the bad spy is becoming a spy herself in Pearlie the Spy (RRP $14.99)!

After following Mr. Beake’s every move from a safe distance Pearlie is more convinced than ever that he is indeed a spy and very dangerous. It’s obvious that he is up to no good, something has to be done before it is too late! But Pearlie is only a little girl and no one would believe her so she turns to the only trustworthy person left for help: Old Man Lizard. Old Man Lizard brings the police to the right place and Mr. Beake is caught in the act. It sounds like a great ending, but will the real damage already be done?

To find out more about the Our Australian Girl series, published by Penguin Books, to read all about the characters and to order your own Our Australian Girl books online visit www.ouraustraliangirl.com.au.

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