Sew Sista

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Oct 182014

Sew Sista

No matter what toy catalogue you open up, it’s bound to be full of loud, battery operated toys, bright coloured plastic, game consoles and over-sexualised dolls. This Christmas why not surprise your daughter with a gift that’s packed with lovely, warm, old school charm (yet isn’t old fashioned at all), meet Sew Sista:

Sew Sista range

Created right here in Australia by a lovely bunch of crafty mamas Sew Sista is a truly refreshing concept that is winning hearts all over the country. The gorgeous range of sewing kits and accessories is specifically designed for young girls who love to get busy with their hands, I know my girls do!

FSew Sista Mini Sewing Kitabric and ribbons, buttons and pins, needles and thread, scissors and stuffing, Sew Sista’s got everything your little crafter needs to start her very own sewing journey. Featuring bright colours and funky prints it is a very appealing range and a wonderful project for (grand)mothers to share with their (grand)daughters or for siblings or a couple of friends to work on together.

Sew Sista Sewing CaseThe divine large Sew Sista Sewing Case (RRP $59.95, available in blue, pink and orange) is an absolute delight, I would have been so proud to own one of these when I was a child and my own daughters would be just as thrilled. Bring back the evenings of sewing on the couch in front of the fire place or sitting at the kitchen table together and creating a beautiful handmade treasure (Can you tell I am big fan of Little House on the Prairie?).

You can find the Sew Sista range online at Where Did You Get That?, prices start at $9.95 for a small craft pack and go up to $59.95 for the big Sewing Case making Sew Sista a great gift suggestion for any budget. Be prepared because sewing is rather addictive so you could be setting your daughter up for life here, she’ll be asking for more supplies for her sewing case in no time! On the other hand, a daughter who can sew her own buttons back on is pretty handy to have in the house.

To find out more about Where Did You Get That?, to browse the Sew Sista range and to order online visit

A Cool Christmas

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Oct 182014

Merry Christmas

As Christmas is coming closer I always feel a little sad. I really miss Christmases in The Netherlands with my family and it was always my favourite time of year. I love going to church on Christmas Eve when it’s dark outside and every house you walk past has a Christmas tree up in lights. I love waking up on Christmas morning and opening the curtains to (hopefully) find a thick pack of snow, I love the sound of snow crushing under your feet, the tingling of your nose in the cold, the warmth of a scarf and mittens and the time spent went family around a fire place. And then I moved to Australia…

Snow in the Netherlands

The view from my parents’ living room

After 8 years I have come to accept that the cold Christmas is no more so we’re celebrating a warm Christmas instead. We are lucky to have a ducted air conditioner in our home with outlets in most rooms so I am not too bothered by the hot weather anymore, as long as I can stay inside! I guess I have swapped my cold Christmas for a cool one. I love that you can control the whole house with the press of a button and as the vents are discreetly located in the ceiling they are safe from little fingers and don’t affect your decor like a wall unit would. Of course there is an upside to all this warm weather too: gorgeous summer dresses, strappy sandals, picnics and trips to the beach with the family, there are plenty of ways to have fun in the sun.

Our beautiful Cristmas girl

Our beautiful Cristmas girl

Just as I wasn’t prepared for the hot summers I also didn’t expect the winters to get this cold. Obviously in The Netherlands it gets a lot colder but the houses are much better insulated and have central heating throughout where as in most Australian homes you really feel the chill. Ideally if we ever move house I would like to invest in a reverse cycle air conditioner that both heats and cools with one clever system, that way you can easily regulate your temperature all year around no matter the season.


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