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As we celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary today I think back to our very first home together, how little we had yet how proud and happy we were. We shopped with great care, spending our hard earnt money on a fridge, a washing machine and a microwave oven for our rental home that was old and empty but filled with love. For months we ate at a fold-out camping table, wobbly and rusty but we didn’t care or notice because we had eacother.

Eight years, three houses and four babies later our love is stronger than ever but sadly the same can not be said about some of our appliances. While our relationship is solid as a rock our fridge and microwave have become unreliable and started to rattle, stutter and shake so I knew the end was in the sight. In our household we use our microwave oven a lot; the microwave takes care of defrosting food, warming leftovers, preparing baby meals and heating milk and the oven cooks my lasagna, roasts the potatoes, bakes yummy birthday cakes and so much more, it was time for a replacement (the microwave I mean, not the hubby!).

Panasonic Double Steam Microwave Oven

Developed by the experts at Panasonic the brand new NN-DS592B Steam Combi Microwave Oven (RRP $769, 1000W) is a multifunctional design that allows you to microwave, defrost, bake, grill, roast, steam and cook healthy, delicious meals for your family and all of that in one very clever kitchen appliance.

Panasonic NN-DS592BFrom the outside the glossy black unit looks modern, sleek and compact, a world of difference from my bulky old white microwave oven. But don’t be fooled by its size, the Panasonic NN-DS592B actually offers a generous 27 litre capacity. Thanks to the flatbed design you can use rectangular trays and capitalise the entire space, in fact the cooking area is equivalent to a 44 litre traditional microwave with a round turn table! It’s so nice to have a neater, smaller unit without having to give in on capacity, after all as a family of six we need all the space we can get.

Call it lazy but I usually leave instruction manuals to my husband, he (surprisingly) enjoys the read and gives me a quick demo afterwards which works well for both of us. Luckily for me the Panasonic Microwave Oven is designed to be quick and easy, it comes with 22 auto menus for all your family favourites like roast chicken, jacket potato, fresh pizza, steamed fish and more. Add to that an easy-to-read, back lit LCD display, just 9 clearly marked buttons to press and 1 knob to turn and you can see why I even I could manage this new addition to our kitchen.

Roast Beef

The most important feature of the Panasonic Steam Combi Microwave Oven is the steam function which will help you cook healthier meals and maintain more flavour, moisture and important nutrients in your food. At Panasonic they understand that all people, meals and foods are different so they allow you to pick the perfect combination to suit your personal taste and dish: grill and steam, microwave and steam, grill and microwave, convection and steam, it’s up to you! The water reservoir/drawer is conveniently located at the front and is easy to fill.

Jacket Potato

So far we have used our microwave for an array of ordinary uses like heating milk for coffee and hot chocolates, reheating left overs and warming baby food and it works a treat. All it takes is a turn of the dial to select the heating time, easy as pie. I particularly love the sensor reheat function, you simply set the ideal heat for your dish (very handy for baby food/milk) and the microwave works out how long to warm it for, how clever! We also really like the way the steam defrost combination delivers food that is defrosted all throughout, no icey lumps on the inside. The special Inverter technology ensures continuous heating so that food is cooked more evenly than in an ordinary microwave.

Cinnamon Scrolls

We have been busy testing out the auto menus including a Sunday afternoon roast beef and jacket potatoes for a quick kid friendly meal, it’s always good to have some hassle free dinners on hand for busy days and these are just one click away. Using the auto menu for roast beef a 1kg roast takes around 35 minutes, it’s only a short wait and if you like your meat a little rarer you can be done even quicker. If you have hungry kids to feed the auto menu jacket potatoes are a guaranteed hit, so easy to make and they are delicious! This week I decided to make a batch of cinnamon rolls to test the super handy fermenting setting to help the dough rise (a life saver if you have no warm spots or sunny window sills) and it worked brilliantly, the end result was just scrumptious and the kids gave it the thumbs up too.

NN-DS592B PanasonicOne of the biggest plusses of the Panasonic NN-DS592B is how easy it is to clean. The interior of the microwave features a convenient wipe-clean, non-stick lining all around the sides and bottom, just grab a damp cloth and wipe it out. Thanks to the steam function the inside stays more humid and spills don’t dry as quickly (no need for harsh scrubbing), there is even an auto-clean function. Less time spent on cleaning gives me more time to do the things I enjoy, double win!

The Panasonic NN-DS592B Steam Combi Microwave Oven comes complete with glass tray, metal tray, wire rack and the innovative double grill tray which allows food to be cooked from both sides.

For more information about Panasonic, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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  1. This microwave looks amazing, imagine how easy it would be to cook with this and self clean ahh heaven

  2. Wow that’s an awesome looking bit of bling to your kitchen! And how talented is the new super duper Panasonic microwave. I have still got my Panasonic genius microwave that my boyfriend and I purchased when I was only 17! I am now 40, married to my boyfriend of then and holding on to a failing microwave for which I now only use to warm milk. I would so love this awesome new microwave as it would make my life so much easier. It’s been a tough year with firstly being diagnosed with a very rare form of breast cance to having an emergency op to remove my breasts then six weeks later my tubes and ovories, then six weeks later I had an Ulcerated acute appendicitis and then moved to a new ( but very old dated home) and the neighbours dog jumped up at the fence for no reason and bit my face, so need to have a skin graft because the bite tore off skin and tissue. I have two more ops to go for the reconstruction which will be done as soon as my immune system is stronger. So winning an awesome all singing and dancing microwave would not only be the best thing ever in this very challenging year, it would just make such a difference to being able to do basic duties in the kitchen for my family as lifting my arms up to put things in the oven is impossible. Thank you for the opportunity of being part of this awesome giveaway. Whoever is the lucky winner will be very lucky indeed. X

  3. Happy anniversary! We celebrated our ten years yesterday – and in keeping with your theme, our dishwasher died last week!

  4. The self clean function appeals the most with 5 kids

  5. How clever! I love being able to roast and bake in the microwave.

  6. Looking at the baked potatoes I am envious of this microwave. If I can create a baked dinner in so much less time with the perfect finish then this microwave ticks all my boxes. And to clean it so easily and not having to tackle the oven cleaner and allocating a whole day to scrubbing – I’m jealous already.

  7. My puddings and dumplings will be healthier and steamed to perfection in less time and cleaning will be a breeze.

  8. I cannot believe I havent heard of this kind of magical appliance before!!! It is definitely the helping hand I need in the kitchen

  9. What an amazing giveaway and something i could really benefit from at the moment since my oven is broken and can only use the stove part. Being in a rental property the owner so far doesnt seem to want to come to the party of replacing. So use win this amazing Panasonic Microwave my kids and i could have a a meal that isnt that terrible unappertizing pasty white colour. Even more perfect, it wouldnt take up much room in the kitchen.

  10. This “ONE BOX ” connected to renewable energy !
    I could live happy in many hard places.
    The “WOW fact all those features are in “ONE BOX “

  11. I LOVE the fermenting setting! No more failed baking treats and a warm place to rise year round! What an amazing machine – so versatile and modern! Would be the happiest little vegemite winning this amazing prize!

  12. Just what I need, I am not well and cooking is a drain….I think I will get back into it with with this new microwave……thanks, looking forward to your email to say I have won….;)

  13. We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Our first microwave was a Panasonic Genius and it cost more than this amazing stream invention. It was a delightful surprise from my new husband. Now with grandchildren, I certainly would appreciate a new Panasonic

  14. Wow! I absolutely HATE our microwave and to HATE an appliance that much seems absurd I know, but it is ugly, doesn’t work properly and is my parents old one.
    I would LOVE a new one so much but having just bought our first house we have a lot of other priorities to buy and with one toddler and one baby on the way (in twenty weeks time) the microwave keeps getting pushed further and further down my list.
    So features I would like are- the stylish appearance, the steam function, the auto menu feature and did I mention the beautiful glossy black appearance???
    Please, Please. Please!!!

  15. Would love this for my family.

  16. What a great cooking oven ;No end of terrific meals you would be able to create

  17. This sounds very interesting and I would love to own this microwave as i am a keen cook. Thanks for the information on this. The colour and design will fit beautifully in my kitchen. I would be eternally grateful to win this

  18. What a clever little unit. Through entering this competition, I am also super excited to have discovered website: Baby Donkie – a treasure trove of goodies.

  19. Oh what a microwave – the flat bed design and the steam function is out of this world. This is by far the best microwave around.

  20. i am a pensioner in search of a new fabulous microwave.ta

  21. I love the easy to clean ability. Having teenage children means I am always cooking and really do not want to spend alot of time cleaning up after them.

  22. So love the steam function this microwave would make some really health meals

  23. It’s the black finish that would make our new kitchen

  24. Isn’t it amazing how appliances get the wobblies after relatively few years work and we go on for 40+. This looks wonderfully sturdy and I’m desperately in need of a new one as ours as actually died from a case of the wobblies

  25. My last microwave died recently so I currently don’t have one. This model would be amazing, especially having the self cleaning function – heaven!!

  26. Ease of operation, which seems to be the hallmark of panasonic

  27. Panasonic are legends I would like
    to win for my sis who has brain
    cancer and right now a healthy steam microwave she could use

  28. The Panasonic Steam Microwave is a Chameleon Appliance.
    It can change itself adapting to many kitchen tasks .

  29. Definitely the self cleaning function A+ idea

  30. A microwave that can grill, roast and auto-clean! It can’t get get better than that. In a house where there’s always someone in the kitchen looking for something to munch, this very clever microwave oven would surely get quite busy! I just love how easy is to clean it. Simply perfect.

  31. I would dearly love to own this fabulous sturdy , fabulous steam combination
    Panasonic microwave oven.

  32. I would dearly love to own this sturdy, fabulous steam combination
    Panasonic microwave oven.

  33. I’m male, I need all the help I can get! haha.

    I remember trying to cook a homemade pizza in a tiny microwave oven; I came back 20 minutes later and the base had kind of wrapped itself over the edge of the shelf making all the cheese and toppings melt onto the bottom of the oven. It wasn’t long before it turned into a crunchy black charcoal that had my house smelling like burnt cheese all day. I don’t mind burnt cheese smell though but I know it isn’t healthy lol.

  34. The baking aspect is the function I most like ! Baked potatoes, cupcakes, muffins… Mmmm! Yummy.

  35. Would look great in my kitchen and what a bonus to be easy to clean

  36. the microoven looks amazing it would be great to have one

  37. Wonderful Giveaway – This would so help me as my rental home has a gas oven that doesnt work half the time and of course the owners won’t fix. Makes it hard to cook for my kids

  38. the microoven looks amazing it would be greaf fo have one

  39. This will save so much time in the kitchen. About time I look into a proper Microwave that does more and has power. Means I can enjoy cooking again as the stove top here is a nightmare to cook on taking so long to heat up.

  40. Looks a brilliant oven – a time saver that could be a lifesaver when I move back into full time work in the near future.
    Would love it.

  41. Ohhhh Panasonic, you are so iconic. To steam and clean is all but a dream.
    Love, love and just love it. I could cook breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! xx

  42. As an 68 year old aged pensioner who loves to cook the features from Panasonic to be able to grill gives me such a thrill that I could make an entire healthy delicious meal in the microwave would be such a great deal and also saving on my electricity bill if I should win by chance I might even have time to celebrate and dance!

  43. Seeks to have all the great features to make cooking so much more pleasurable. Foe us Golden oldies, we need all the help we can get, Go Panasonic.

  44. Panasonic its a great name;The person that wins this microwave oven will be very lucky its got the lot as far as cooking goes.

  45. My wife has to be the worst cook in the world(don’t let her know I said that} and looking at this microwave I think she will be able to cook great meals easily.

  46. After just losing my mother I am now looking after my father who needs special food cooked would be good for steaming veggies and meat and so on would make life easy. Kim

  47. What a fantastic microwave and it self cleans

  48. a fantastic world of both steam and microwaves together with a wonderful concept of self cleaning which is very much needed in this modern age. Congratulations guys

  49. As time is the essence Panasonic to do the job is the way to go all features have a big tick for me thankyou for the oppotunity to win this wonderful prize

  50. Looks good if i had that i wouldnt have to use the oven as much

  51. This microwave would be fantastic for myself and my wife for the easy method of cooking and cleaning made in one microwave

  52. Wow, what a chance to win the new Panasonic microwave, no more waiting, no more grease, just fabulous cooking and very healthy.

  53. Prefect divorce present towards making a new start.

  54. i would like to win this microwave
    as it looks sleek
    better than mine
    as it just about had it and i cannot afford to buy a new one
    being a pensioner .by the time i have paid all my bills it does,nt leave me much
    .i know you wont my circumstances but i would like to win this one

  55. i would like a new microwave
    asmy one is not much good
    and it would be great if i win it

  56. i would absolutely love this microwave having baked veggies and the sensor reheat function would be great but the self cleaning is very special function …….

  57. Nice oven!

  58. I am living alone and a microwave of this quality will reduce my many hours in preparing meals. I have never owned one of these units other than the standard kitchen appliances.

  59. I would like to win this microwave it sounds much easier and more practical than any other I have been looking for my mum .

    • sorry there is a typo error with my name its Diane hoping to still win as with my name incorrect would not be an honest win plus this could also be a another person with the same name .

  60. If I won this amazing Panasonic Mircowave Oven, I will in heaven as I recently starting steaming all vege and fish with fresh herb for medical reasons .. I’m supposed to grill my light meat and don’t have a grill only pan frying….. so thanks for the opportunity.

  61. This unit will help me prepare my daily meals in a shorter duration. My kitchen equipment is the original that was installed in the residence during the mid 70’s.

  62. I love to win this oven your right I looks great would look good in my kitcken

  63. I currently have a 10 yr old Panasonic convection microwave and would dearly love a new one. This one has served me well, but is looking a little tired.

  64. I am one of three cooks who work in a soup kitchen that feeds over 90 people a week using old ovens , microwaves and stoves. This appliance would speed up the whole process providing food that has retained its goodness and save our backs and feet. Would be just amazing

  65. Nothing would separate us from our beloved 40 year old National Genius microwave.which has never let us down.
    We do however require a new microwave for our Off Road caravan and this new Panasonic has all the features we need
    Built in obsolecience is not a desirable feature…..We belong to the old school who believe you should only buy the best and not replace it till the wheels fall off..

  66. I’d love a new microwave.mine a blessing

  67. Wow! How I would love this. I had a Panasonic Microwave and Browner for 15 years when I lived in Italy and it did fabulous roasts and veges! And…. so much quicker that my old oven which I rarely used!
    I looked for something here that could live up to my old faithful but what I found is no comparison.
    It would be my dream to win one of these beautiful new models! It sounds amazing -everything and more than I’ve been looking for!

  68. Wow! How I would love this. I had a Panasonic Microwave and Browner for 15 years when I lived in Italy and it did fabulous roasts and veges! And…. so much quicker that my old oven which I rarely used!
    I looked for something here that could live up to my old faithful but what I found is no comparison.
    It would be my dream to win one of these beautiful new models! It sounds amazing -everything and more than I’ve been looking for!

  69. we had a panasonic when with my partner which i loved was so easy to use but she took it with her and i missed it terrible

  70. I would like to win this oven to make big dishes of pasta! Not all microwave ovens have this facility! The flatbed design is an excellent feature and would recommend it to all great cooks out there!

  71. Would love to have one of these in my kitchen,and start using it for all types of cooking.The one I currently own is old and worn out. Wish me luck,I guess.

  72. would like new microwave/as mine just blue up & would be if I [ win it ]

  73. Looks like the perfect “all-rounder” for busy professionals and just what I’ve been looking for… Much better than the very basic microwave I bought when I first moved to Oz; but then, I was only going to be here for 6 months or so… 11 years later, I still put up with the old yellowed thing, using pliers to turn the dial! Clearly I need to move on and into the current decade…

  74. Anything that improves the microwaves capabilities as we know it is a great thing. Panasonic are certainly ahead of the game when it comes to electrical know how and great products. Can only hope I could own one of these fantastic machines.

  75. I would love to win the microwave, to me it would be a Godsend, I am disabled for the last 6 years and steamed veggies and the self cleaning would be marvellous to me, I have pain 24/7, have to use the walker all the time, every step I take, I had a Panasonic Inverter but after 2 years the H98 or whatever it was came up and I could not afford another on my government pension. I am 72 years old and would love to win one.

  76. Reading this the Panasonic does more
    than any microwave I have had has ever done before
    Can cook in it as well as speedy microwaving
    prepare bread dough and time cleaning saving
    what a treat,cook and eat.

  77. this is a combination microwave of all…

  78. wow this would be amazing,with many mouths to feed and different dietary needs, this would make life easier for sure

  79. Being able to bake in it, instead of the big oven with the high electricity costs would sure be a bonus in cooking quicker & saving expenses at the same time. My present microwave was purchased in the 1980’s, so it might be a bit out-of-date??, would so enjoy all the wonderful features in this great looking & cooking Panasonic.

  80. This is amazing… I love it.

  81. The Panasonic Steam Combi Microwave Oven looks sleek, stylish, super superb, steaming HOT and full of yummy suprises:)

  82. Thanks for this great competition and awesome opportunity! Panasonic products are always great quality!

  83. Finally a microwave that defrosts and cooks and reheats evenly and uses steam to cook/heat!!! How awesome to get to win this, just maybe!

  84. Wishing & dreaming that’s all I can do!!

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