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Pan Macmillan Australia

We all know this parenting business can be rather tricky at times, sometimes you just want to hear from the experts and other times all you can do is laugh to get through. Pan Macmillan has put together a great parenting book pack for one lucky mama to help her survive through learning and laughing:

Good EnoughWill I ever be good enough? It’s a question many of us mums ask ourselves regularly (if you don’t please come and introduce yourself, we’d love you to share your confidence with us). Written by journalist, media commentator, kid-wrangler and zombie/Duran Duran enthusiast Dilvin Yasa Good enough (RRP $29.99) touches on the (often unrealistic) expectations and high standards that bear down on our shoulders, showing mamas around the country that we’re all in this together.

Competitive parenting, post-natal depression, baby names, taking a time out or returning to work, Good Enough is an honest, hilarious and at the same time helpful book that combines Dilvin’s real life experiences with relevant advice from a professional in the field. Go on, sit down with a cup (or glass) of something and enjoying this refreshing read on motherhood, it is sure to make you smile. Click here for a little sneak read.

Your Cherished BabyIt may not be as funny but Your Cherished Baby (RRP $29.99) is without a doubt a very valuable addition to your bookshelf. With over 35 years of experience under his belt Dr. Howard Chilton, a neonatologist, father and one of Australia’s leading baby doctors, knows all about infant care. He has put together a practical guide for settling, feeding and engaging their 0-2 infants, eqcuipping parents with lots of helpful tips and advice to give babies the best possible start in life.

From early bonding to baby routine myths, from welcome tips for sleep deprived parents to varied food introduction to prevent obesity, Dr. Chilton is here to help in a compassionate, practical, research based way. I am particularly interested in reading his insights on colic and excessive crying as well as his practical alternative to controlled crying, a technique he considers inhumane. Your Cherished Baby is a fantastic resource for parents who value the knowledge of health professionals.

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at Good Enough and Your Cherished Baby and to order a copy online visit

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  1. Thankyou for allowing me to enter this wonderful comp – i really need some great tips on particular stressful situations.

  2. Good Enough sounds like the perfect topic, hopefully it would make me feel not so bad about some of my ‘less than perfect’ parenting decisions and give me a good laugh

  3. As mothers we put far too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Good enough sounds like a great read about the realistic goals and motherhood I’d love to read it

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