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As we’re slowly settling back in at home I am of course very sad that our holidays have come to an end and that it will most likely be several years before we’ll see my family again. We had such a fantastic time with family and friends, exploring beautiful towns, driving through the Dutch, French, Belgian and German country side and enjoying fun days out.

Dettol SoapWhat I won’t miss however are the never ending visits to public toilets. With four young children there is always someone who needs to go urgently, which promptly causes everyone else to have a sudden bladder problem too. I have come to the conclusion that most toilets are simply too small for a parent with multiple children so it was great to discover the dedicate ‘mum and child’ toilets at Singapore’s Changi Airport that offer much needed extra space and are fitted with a special child seat.

Dettol SanitiserThese past five weeks I have seen more yucky, smelly cubicles, broken toilet seats, leaking taps, empty soap dispensers and out-of-order hand dryers than in all my 31 years together, I have never been so grateful for disinfecting wipes and my baby bag sized bottle of hand sanitiser! Nothing beats that squeaky clean feeling, fresh smell and peace of mind knowing it kills 99.99% of germs, plus no rinsing required.

Dettol Bar SoapThe upside of all these toilet breaks is that it has been an excellent opportunity to talk to the kids about good personal hygiene, washing hands, bacteria, getting sick and how things can be dirty even if you can’t see the dirt. I am quite sure the ‘don’t touch anything!’ message finally came across near the end of the holiday, let’s hope they remember it for the rest of their lives!

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  1. I have tried to enter my answer but it’s not letting me
    My answer is
    I use special stickers as they always wash their hands

    • Hi Tania,

      How strange! Other entries are coming through just fine, maybe it’s just a little Friday morning hiccup.
      I suggest refreshing the screen and trying again, that might do the trick. Good luck!


  2. We just make it into a big bubble game with special smelling soaps

  3. Dettol’s been round for years. Glad they have moved with the times and developed hand sanitiser. It saves washing hands if you are out and about.

  4. read them a (kids) book about germs

  5. I have a chart on our fridge and each time my granddaughter washes her hands she gets to put a sticker on the chart. When she has it filled we do something special – of her choice – it is usually having a picnic down by the river.

  6. Now that Dettol has launched it’s foaming soap line…I no longer have to remind my cherubs about washing their hands…it’s become so frequent I’m doing the opposite! 😉

  7. We have created a hand washing chart. For every time the kids wash their hands, they get a sticker for their chart. They love seeing their chart fill up with all the different stickers and the one who fills their chart first gets a prize 🙂 really works like magic

  8. Use the Dettol dispenser. Kids are attracted to gadgets! Heh presto. Germs gone. Win win

  9. I also have tried several times to enter and it wont let me either

  10. Especially important to get kids to wash hands after petting animals, you can say if you pet the furry animal, wash hands afterwards.

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