Aug 252014

Big Birthday Bash – Day 25

When I was planning the features for our Big Birthday Bash I immediately knew I could not celebrate our 5th birthday without Australian Girl. Every time I write about these beautiful dolls and share their new looks and accessories I receive lots of lovely comments from people who thank me for introducing them to such a fantastic Australian brand, Australian Girl is always a hit.

Australian Girl Doll

If you are yet to discover Australian Girl this is what has girls and parents across the country so excited: The five Australian Girls are large 20″ dolls that represent real Australian girls, each with her own look, cultural background, interests and hobbies. Unlike many other dolls on the market they are child appropriate without dramatic make up, ultra skinny body shapes and sexualised clothing, something more and more parents are concerned about.

Australian Girl Ballet OutfitAustralian Girl dolls (recommended age 4+) are a high quality product made with firm, lovely to touch rotational vinyl and have two thirds soft torso for hugging. They have strong ball joints with durable elastic cord, can stand alone and be posed in different positions. Each girl  have sleep eyes that close when she lays down and the hair is finest quality kankelon (used in human wigs) and can be washed and styled.

The winner of our giveaway will receive a $50 gift voucher to put towards the Australian Girl doll of her choice. If you already own an Australian Girl doll you can use it to buy her a sweet new outfit or accessory, it’s up to you!

Annabelle and the Missing TurtlesBut that’s not all, the lucky winner will also get a copy of the latest Australian Girl novel Annabelle and the Missing Turtles (RRP $12.95). Annabelle and the Missing Turtles is the third book in the Australian Girl series, written by Rose Inserra and beautifully illustrated by Jason Chatfield. I bet this great adventure will inspire your daughter to come up with lots of new stories to play with her new Australian Girl doll.

To find out more about Australian Girl, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

For your chance to win a $50 Australian Girl voucher and a copy of Annabelle and the Missing Turtles enter our giveaway below:

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  6 Responses to “Big Birthday Bash: Day 25 – Australian Girl”

  1. Love Australian Doll!

  2. Belle is my favourite because she loves doing the things I enjoy; going to the beach and snorkelling. Now that’s what a TRUE AUSSIE girl does.

  3. Jasmine is my favourite because she is the first Australian girl doll I got and she is the prettiest doll ever

  4. Matilda would be lovely in our Miss TJ’s room… So beautiful.

  5. Still think Belle is the belle of the beach. A real golden girl. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

  6. Belle because she typifies the true Aussie beach babe, thongs and all

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