Jul 022014


I don’t know about you but I always struggle a bit in the Winter school holidays. In Summer we’re outside most of the time: playing in the garden, at the playground, the park, the swimming pool, the beach, there is so much choice the holidays are never long enough. In winter it is a different story, we all know there is only so much craft and puzzles you can do!

Scoopon Mini-GolfA quick and easy way to score amazing bargains on kids activities is by signing up for daily deal site Scoopon. Every day they deliver a bunch of fabulous offers from businesses in the area of your choice (just enter your postcode at signup) straight to your inbox. It’s not only a great way secure discounts for your favourite stores and entertainment venues, it’s a fantastic way to discover new ones too.

Scoopon Movie TicketDiscounted entry to your local children’s play cafes, movie tickets, a game of paintball or mini-golf, a day at the zoo, fun at the railway museum or a dolphin cruise, if you keep an eye on your Scoopon emails you’ll have your school holiday filled with awesome outings in no time without breaking the bank. I always have a sneaky collection of Scoopons stashed away for boring weekends and rainy days, very handy!

Scoopon DinnerYou can even give yourself a day off from cooking by buying one of the Scoopon dinner deals. As a family of six we don’t go out of dinner or get takeaway often, mainly because of the costs, so if I spot a good dinner deal I always grab it. It is nice to have some of these special treats on hand and knowing the Scoopons have been paid for already makes the dinner taste even nicer.

Tip: Just make sure you keep an eye on your expiry dates and any exclusions, it would be a shame to let your Scoopons go to waste.

To find out more Scoopon, to browse all current offers and to receive daily deals for your area by email visit www.scoopon.com.au.

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