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As you can probably imagine I get many emails every day, businesses making bookings, marketing companies introducing their clients, stores pitching their product, sponsors discussing posts, there are no two emails the same. But no matter how many emails I get I still have a chuckle every time someone asks me for a certain person in our office.

My ‘office’ is a small and messy desk in our living room, I have no staff, no receptionist to answer my phone, I don’t have fancy writing paper or business stamps and I definitely don’t have nice work suits or company lunches. Like many blogging mums I often write in my pyjamas, at night when the kids are asleep and in between changing nappies and making dinner and that is okay with me. The ‘mummy bloggers’ I know are fun, friendly and supportive, happy to help eachother out and always there for a chat when you need them.

Home Office

The big The Organised Housewife drama made me realise that sadly some people happily give up their social, compassionate side in return for a good pay. Wonderful blogger Katrina from The Organised Housewife discovered that another Australian blog had registered web domains very similar to her blog’s URL so that they could redirect innocent readers, who just mistyped the URL, to their own blog. What a nasty way of getting your clicks!

When I think of all the hours I put in my blog every single day I can only imagine the shock and disappointment when someone else tries to profit from your hard work. What can she do (if anything at all), so many questions but who to ask? Immediately after this news came out people were very helpful suggesting she should get legal advice and hopefully claim this URL as her own. It’s so nice to see that the majority of the people out there are supportive and have respect for others and their work.

I have never had to get legal advice myself (knocks on wood) but it is good to know there is help available and there are professionals with years of experience under their belt ready to answer your questions. Don’t sweat on your own, ask someone who knows all about it and you may find your situation is not as hopeless as you think it is.

Thanks to Sydney based Prime Lawyers we have a $75 PayPal gift card to give away to one lucky reader, what would you spend this surprise pocket money on?

To find out more about Prime Lawyers, to make an enquiry or to book an appointment visit www.primelawyers.com.au.

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  12 Responses to “A Little Pocket Money giveaway”

  1. Just putting up a fence between two properties was a literal minefield. Legal advice would have helped smooth the way I’d say.

  2. Surprise! It’s a new balloon curtain to finish the bathroom renovation!

  3. Marianne would spend $75, on anything that would make me happy, and involved enough; to keep me from having an accident, and subsequent legal proceedings!

  4. not saving my entries, what’s wrong

    • Hi Dierdre,

      As far as I can see your entries have come through just fine, it may just have been a little hiccup in the Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!

  5. Craft supplies for my new little venture/hobby! 🙂

  6. Some walking clothes to get me out on my fitness drive.

  7. id spend it on lego for my mr 7 he loves it but its hard to keep up with all the lego blocks some days!

  8. Powdered coffee’s so disgusting!… That $75 is going towards my ESPRESSO MACHINE Fund!

  9. $75 Towards my online chemist order to keep and for other problems get healthy.

  10. For me LEGO as well – what better thing to spend on for my 6yo lady engineer!

  11. When my sister helped herself to all my parents money using POA, & got away with it.

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