Jun 172014

Penguin Australia

As you may have guessed our book shelves are filling up fast, there are just so many fantastic kids books out there! I regularly have to stop myself from buying yet another great title but as I have a real soft spot for rhyming books I will always make room for another one of those. Here’s our latest rhyming hit:

I Am Cow Hear Me Moo

They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence so in I Am Cow Hear Me Moo cow Nadine and her friends Annette and Starla decide to see for themselves what’s out there. Nadine loves telling her cow pals all about how brave she is and how she fears nothing, but now that they are venturing out of the farm gates she is not so sure. The woods look rather scary from up close but she keeps up her brave front…

I Am Cow Hear Me Moo 1

Not long and the excitement gets the better of her, there is so much to see and discover. Things to touch, thing to taste, things to climb and things to smell, Nadine is loving the forest. But of course all good things come to an end, when it’s time to head back to the farm Nadine finds herself lost and in the dark the woods are full of little frights.

I Am Cow Hear Me Moo 2

I Am Cow Hear Me Moo is written by talented author Jill Esbaum and features the most gorgeous illustrations by Gus Gordon. The story is full of humour and being a rhyme it is really fun to read (and great for kids to guess the end words of sentence). With 32 pages to explore there is lots to read and lots to see, it’s a fantastic bed time book. I especially love the use of some less common/more tricky words, it’s always good to add new words to your child’s vocabulary.

To find out more about I Am Cow Hear Me Moo (RRP $24.99) by Jill Esbaum, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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  1. This looks like a great book my son would love, great addiction to his book collection I could read to him MOO!

  2. My boys love books so this would be a welcomed edition

  3. my son is 6 and just learning to read so this book would be wonderful for us to read together.

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