Jun 192014

That's MY Story

Last year I introduced you to That’s MY Story, a colourful pack of story telling cards that encourages kids (and their parents) to use their imagination and make up their own adventures. After the success of the original That’s My Story cards Australian mother and creator Melissa got stuck into a brand new project to bring the excitement of story telling into your bathroom:

That's MY Story Bathtime

Turn the daily chore of bath time into a fun game with That’s MY Story Bathtime (RRP $18.95). The new Bathtime pack consists of 21 foam bath stickers and a practical mesh storage pack that simple sticks onto your bathroom wall with suction caps. The stickers are (obviously) waterproof, washable and reusable so you can use them day in day out.

That's MY Story Bathtime GreenThe foam bath stickers have different pictures, shapes and colours and each colour/shape represents a different category: Characters, Settings and Objects. So how do you play? Randomly choose one of each category and let your imagination do the rest, what will your story be today? There are so many combinations possible and you can keep building your adventure by adding new stickers to the story.

Featuring easily recognisable images like a police officer, a ball, a plane, a teacher, a rainbow, a present and lots more the That’s MY Story Bathtime stickers can be enjoyed by young children too. There are no reading skills required and even if your children are too young to create their own stories they can still use the bath time stickers to learn about colours and shapes.

To find out more about That’s MY Story, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.thatsmystory.com.au.

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