Jun 302014

ByKay Carry Your Love

Since becoming a mum almost six years ago I have tried several different styles of baby carriers (some I loved, some not so much) but I always put the Mei Tai in the ‘too hard basket’, it just looked difficult, time consuming and more intended for hardcore baby wearers which I do not consider myself to be. Everything changed the moment I saw a picture of the ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim, it looked so hip and comfortable and it simply had my name written all over it.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim

My new ByKay Mei-Tai arrived just as I was heading out the door for school pick-up but I was so excited I couldn’t wait, I had to try it out straight away. No time to read the instructions, I tied on the waist strap, popped the little passenger in and the rest was very straight forward: over the shoulders, cross over on your back, cross over again on your front and tie up at the back. It immediately felt really comfortable and supportive and the weight was spread out beautifully.

ByKay Mei-Tai Denim

Because the wide straps cross over as opposed to going straight down they don’t dig in, the fabric surrounds your body like a second skin and follows your every move, the best way to describe the Mei-Tai feeling would be ‘natural’. Miss Sybbie snuggled into my chest like she always does when I hold her and she clearly enjoyed the warmth and cosy Mei-Tai hug. The mums at school admired the stunning denim carrier and commented on how happy and content Sybil looked and when she fell asleep on the way home I knew I would never look back again.

ByKay Mei-Tai Back

Our gorgeous girl is not a fan of strangers, new environments, loud noises etc so places like busy shopping centres, crowded events and big airports cause her a lot of distress. By carrying her close to me in the ByKay she feels safe and protected, crisis averted. At the same time, when you have a big family like ours you are always short of hands and especially in those crowded situations it is important to hold onto those little hands tightly so I love how the ByKay Mei-Tai allows me to keep two hands free to look after my children.

ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when we headed into the city to run a few errands for the holiday. Sybil was very tired which usually means super cranky and on edge but the ByKay totally prevented a melt down. She rested, smiled, cuddled, slept, looked around, enjoyed plenty of kisses and hugs and even munched on a biscuit and not a single tear which is amazing. I feel so much more confident about our upcoming plane trip now, thanks ByKay!

ByKay Deluxe Denim

A few facts and figures: The ByKay Mei-Tai Deluxe Denim ($199.95) is made from a super soft cotton/linen blend and is available in dark jeans or stonewashed, the carrier is machine washable. The clever adjustable design and wide shoulder straps make it an ideal carrier for all ages from newborn to 4-5 years old (obviously this will depend on your child’s weight) and can be worn front, hip and back. For extra shade, shelter from the rain, a cosy sleep environment or extra head support a handy sleep hood is attached, this is a fantastic and very practical feature that I use a lot.

If you haven’t entered our ByKay giveaway yet there is still time, you could be taking home a brand new ByKay carrier! For your chance to win a ByKay Essential or Design Baby Carrier just let us know which colour/style you would most like to win, for more details visit our original ByKay giveaway or take a shortcut and get your entries in below.

To find out more about ByKay, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bykay.com.au.

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Jun 292014

Penguin Australia

Some people watch a complete TV series in one sitting, others like me can’t wait to get started on the next title in a good book series. Officially the Our Australian Girl books are written for young girls but I absolutely love reading them myself too (at 30 years old I am still a girl, right?) so I couldn’t wait to sit down with the two newest books in the series:

DAAI felt so sorry for Daisy when she was kicked out on the cold Melbourne streets by aunty May and it doesn’t look like life will get easier any time soon. Daisy All Alone (RRP $14.99) shows that there is nothing glamourous about living on the street, from eating out of rubbish bins to sleeping on a dump to eventually being picked up by the police and ending up in an orphanage, it’s nothing like Daisy’s old life on the farm.

Of course Daisy is not one to give up easily and she is determined to locate her father and find her little sister Flora who has been sent off to boarding school by aunty May. Together with her new orphan friends Edith and Harry she hatches a plan to escape from the orphanage and get to the city, unfortunately their freedom is short lived and they are returned to the orphanage. Then a couple shows up to adopt Daisy…

PPRPearlie’s search for the Japanese spy is deserted after her ‘subject of interest’ appears to have left town. With more and more families leaving Darwin by boat to escape from the war animal lover Pearlie feels it is her duty to look after all the pets that are left behind. In Pearlie’s Pet Rescue (RRP $14.99) Pearlie adopts a piglet, a dog and a bird and of course she also still has Tinto, her friend Naoko’s monkey.

Not everyone is keen on the very cheeky Tinto and he does like to cause a bit of trouble, on the other hand he is a great friend and when he rescues Pearlie after an accident they become even more inseparable. Pearlie is devastated when they too receive an evacuation order, she really doesn’t want to leave Tinto. In a last ditch attempt to find him a new home before the boat leaves, she heads into town only to come face to face with the suspected spy…

Who are the people wanting to adopt Daisy, will the boat leave without Pearlie and will her suspect turn out to be the real spy? Keep an eye on Hip little one for the next books in the series.

To find out more about the Our Australian Girl series, published by Penguin Books, to read all about the characters and to order your own Our Australian Girl books online visit www.ouraustraliangirl.com.au.

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Jun 282014


When our youngest daughter was born, now 16 months ago, we embarked on a journey with Tommee Tippee. From the Miomee breast pump and bottles to nursery gadgets and health products and from Tommee Tippee mealtime products to the all-in-one food processor, we’ve used it all. The great thing about Tommee Tippee products is that they grow with your child and there are styles to suit every age and development stage, take the BPA-free Tommee Tippee Discovera range for example:

Tommee Tippee Discovera 1

The Tommee Tippee Discovera Trainer Cup (260 ml, 6 months +) is the colourful older sibling of the Miomee First Drinking Cup: Discovera spouts and handles fit all Miomee baby bottles so you can use all products together and your baby can transition slowly. Designed with a sensitive soft feel spout this bottle is gentle on your baby’s teeth and gums and it’s the ideal next step up from traditional soft silicone bottle teats.

Tommee Tippee Discovera 2Like all Discovera products the slightly bigger Tommee Tippee Discovera Trainer Beaker (300 ml, 9 months +) is fitted with the patented Samtech valve, this innovative design makes the bottles and cups non-spill (a must for mum!) yet at the same time allows for easy drinking (great for little ones). Each cup features a handy ‘name strip’ so you can personalise it with your child’s name without the need for stickers or labels.

Tommee Tippee Discovera 3We are currently at the Tommee Tippee Discovera Active Tipper (350 ml, 12 months +) stage and miss Sybbie is going really well with it. The Samtech valve, unique to Discovera bottles, is not only non-spill but shake proof too, our cheeky little girl quickly worked out that crazy shaking does not result in water fun so she has stopped doing it. This bottle is a great size and holds enough for a day out.

Tommee Tippee Discovera 4

The Tommee Tippee Discovera Two-Stage Drinker (400 ml, 24 months +) is the final step in the transition from bottle to regular cup. It teaches the gentle angling of the cup and features a lower sipper spout so children can get used to drinking from a cup. Once they are ready you can simply replace the lid by the plain ring (included) and convert the bottle to a drinking cup. This ring fits all Discovera bottles so you can use them well past the sipper cup stage, great value for money!

To find out more about Tommee Tippee, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.tommeetippee.com.au.

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Emotions at the airport

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Jun 272014
Adelaide Airport, 2 years ago. Three excited kids ready to board!

Adelaide Airport, 2 years ago. Three excited kids ready to board!

With exactly one month to go until we arrive at Amsterdam airport I can’t help but feel a bit emotional. I dream about the reunion with my family almost every night and I love thinking about that moment when they will meet their youngest grandchild for the very first time, so special. When you move to the other side of the world airports definitely become a place of mixed emotions.

Airport Exhaustion

Airports can be very exhausting too

When we leave Adelaide Airport and walk through the sliding doors in Amsterdam we’re always excited and warmly welcomed, when we leave we are very sad to say goodbye knowing it will be another couple of years until we meet again. At the same time it’s good to be back on Australian soil and walk into your own lovely, familiar, cosy home after a long and very exhausting flight.

Fresh Flowers TulipsNext month marks eight year since I moved to Australia. I still can’t believe I agreed to move to the other side of the world, to live in a country I had never been to and marry a man I had only just met. It was the best decision of my life and I wouldn’t change my Aussie life with my beautiful husband and 4 precious children for the world. I will never forget the sight of that incredibly nervous, handsome young man waiting at the airport holding a bunch of pretty tulips to make his Dutch fiancee feel at home, I’ve had a soft spot for tulips ever since.

If you want to surprise someone special (or spoil yourself) with a gorgeous bunch of flowers too it doesn’t get much easier than www.freshflowers.com.au, they deliver fresh flowers Australia wide and same day delivery is available (just check your area at the top of the website). I love how their Fresh Flowers Facebook page shows the flowers being cut and bouquets being arranged in store, just beautiful!

Tulips by Fresh Flowers

Pretty tulips for a lucky someone

Stay tuned for some photos of our reunited family next month!

Jun 262014

It’s been a while since I brought you an update on Ebulobo but today I’ve got news and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. A brand new delivery of Ebulobo toys has arrived from France and made it into the Coccinella store on Down That Little Lane, they’re soft, huggable and gorgeous as always and make the perfect buddy for your little one:

Super Monsieur Louloup

Even though he measures a very impressive 100cm in length this big wolf is far from scary. Kids will be running towards this cuddly Super Monsieur Louloup ($99.95) to give him a big squeeze and he has no big sharp teeth for grandma to worry about. Like all Ebulobo toys he is made with precious little bundles in mind, all of Europe’s strictest safety standards are met and he contains only safe and non-toxic elements for your peace of mind.

Trendy Monsieur LouloupWho said fairytales are old fashioned? Clearly this Trendy Monsieur Louloup (65cm, $59.95) knows his chances of eating Little Red Riding Hood for dinner are very small so he has brought along his mobile phone to order take away instead. Mr. Wolf has flexible long legs and arms that are the perfect size for little hands to hold on to and on his belly you’ll find a handy storage pouch for his phone, you didn’t know wolves could have pouches did you?

Little Bag BettyDo you remember Tightrope Betty from the Ebulobo Magic Circus Collection? Well she is back for another performance this season in the shape of this adorable Little Bag Betty ($39.95). Little girls can carry around there special treasures wherever they go in this sweet pink cord shoulder bag decorated with Betty in her pretty gold tutu. I’ve popped one of these away for my daughter’s upcoming birthday, she is going to love it!

Ebulobo WoodbearThis year Ebulobo has given old favourites Gustave, Louloup and Woodbear an extra snuggly makeover and transformed them into flat cuddly toys ($34.95), combining the eye catching look of Ebulobo toys with the soft, comfortable feel of snuggle blanket. Unlike with ordinary ’round’ soft toys there are less bumps and bulky shapes that could be uncomfortable to sleep on and it makes them more compact to pop in your bag too.

Ebulobo Toy Blankets

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Coccinella store and to order online visit www.downthatlittlelane.com.au.

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Sales & Savings – Week 26

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Jun 252014

What? 40% off all Gingerlilly AW 2014 stock
How? Enter the code ‘WinterSale’ at checkout
When? Until June 30, 2014
Where? www.gingerlilly.com.au

Monstar KidsMonstar Kids
What? Free shipping Australia wide
How? Discount will be automatically applied at checkout
When? Until June 30, 2014
Where? www.monstarkids.com.au

Purely 4 Kids
40% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘MIDYEAR14’ at checkout
When? Until MJune 30, 2014
Where? www.purely4kids.com.au

What? 20% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘JUNE20’ at checkout
When? Until June 30, 2014
Where? www.mor-stor.com.au

What? 15% off storewide (Excludes sale and clearance items and gift vouchers)
How? Enter the code ‘EOFY14’ at checkout
When? Until June 30, 2014
Where? www.ettitude.com.au

PrintMilk & Love
What? End of Financial Year Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until June 30, 2014
Where? www.milkandlove.com.au

Save 20% storewide at Sustainababy

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Jun 242014

As Hip Little One’s 5th birthday is coming closer I am really starting to feel the birthday spirit. When you are a work-at-home-mum every year you succeed is a victory in itself and it gives you such a sense of pride. But I’m not the only one celebrating a milestone, over the past few years Sustainababy owner Laura Trotta has built a fantastic eco-store and extremely valuable eco-parenting blog that help many modern parents live a little (or a lot) greener. This month Sustainababy is turning 4 and you get to join the birthday celebrations:

Save 20% storewide at Sustainababy, simply enter the code ‘4thBIRTHDAY’ at checkout. Offer ends June 27, 2014, and excludes bulk value packs and furniture.

From eco friendly baby gear to organic clothing, from wooden toys to cloth nappies, from reusable feeding products to organic skincare and much more, Sustainababy offers green alternatives to many of your everyday family needs. In store you will find a range of excellent Australian and international brands that are great quality, durable and practical as well as (not unimportant) stylish.

Sustainababy Lunch

With the school holidays around the corner you are about to get a break from packing lunches every day so now is the perfect time to take a closer look at your child’s drink bottle and lunch box. Upon closer inspection you may discover that there are many hard (if not impossible) to clean corners, grooves and ridges perfect for germs to hide in. The plastic lunch box and drink bottle that your child uses daily could also be leaking BPA into food and drinks, not a very pleasant thought. Ditch the ‘not sure’ and go for pure with these hip and healthy mealtime products, use the birthday discount code and save yourself a welcome 20%.

To find out more about Sustainababy, to browse the range and to order online visit www.sustainababy.com.au.