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When I fell pregnant with the twins I expected life to get pretty crazy but nothing in the world could have prepared me for those first six months. It was an exhausting, overwhelming and also special time of feeding around the clock, there were many days were I could hardly keep my eyes open and stayed in pyjamas all day long. I vividly remember the sound of two screaming babies waiting for their bottle which could never come fast enough, but as a tired mum you can only go so fast when it’s 2am!

Perfect PrepA few weeks ago I found myself unexpectedly with a tin of formula in my hand again, after months and months of worrying our paediatrician decided miss Sybbie (15 months old) really needed to put on weight so she has been prescribed Neocate to add extra calories to her very limited diet. With several bottles to be made up every day (and night) I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put the new Closer to Nature Perfect Prep™ machine to the test.

Most of you will know Closer to Nature® from its popular baby products: from breastfeeding to bottle feeding products, from soothers to nappy disposal systems, from cups to tableware and much more, they’ve got Australian families covered. Closer to Nature® is all about making a parent’s life easier with practical, innovative products and that’s exactly what the Closer to Nature Perfect Prep™ machine will do for bottle feeding parents.

Perfect Prep machineThe brand new Perfect Prep™ machine has been created with busy, sleep deprived parents (aren’t we all?) in mind. This super clever bottle preparation unit takes the guess work out of making your baby’s bottle. No more fussing with jugs of filtered water, messing around with boiled water that takes ages to cool down and carefully filling each bottle with the right amount, let the Perfect Prep™ do it for you!

Preparing a bottle feed sounds so simple but there is actually quite a bit involved, the Perfect Prep™ machine makes this process easier and combines three of those steps in one clever machine. The Perfect Prep™ machine:

  • Filters tap water to make it clean and safe for your baby
  • Warms the water to the correct feeding temperature in less than 2 minutes
  • Accurately dispenses the exact amount of water needed to make up your baby’s bottle
  • Bonus: Uses an initial ‘hot shot’ of water to kill bacteria that may be present in the formula powder

The three words that came to mind when I first saw the Perfect Prep™ machine were stylish, modern and compact, it was much smaller than I expected it to be (based on the pictures). The neutral white unit is very good looking and it will fit right in on your kitchen bench next to your coffee machine. I’ll be honest and admit that I am not a fan of appliances with lots of buttons, I prefer simple and straight forward so I was relieved to see the Perfect Prep only has one major button (plus three smaller ones that you don’t use that often) and an easy-to-use setting dial. All in all it is a great design for tired mothers, clumsy dads, grandparents and baby sitters.

Closer to Nature Perfect Prep

Before first use a cleaning cycle is required, after this only when the filter is replaced (the filter has a 150L capacity so not very often) or when unused for a while. The process takes just 10 minutes but it is a great way to familiarise yourself with the design and the way the different components go together. To prepare a bottle simply place a clean bottle under the outlet, set the setting dial to the right feed size (120ml-330ml) and press the start button. A small amount of hot water will be dispensed, a solid red light comes on and a double beep sounds.

Perfect Prep Step 1

Time to add your formula and shake the bottle, the hot water will kill bacteria that may have been hiding in the powder. You have two minutes to finish this first part, then it’s time to complete the second and final step. Place the bottle back under the outlet, press the start button again and the remainder of the water will be dispensed. Once finished a double beep will sound and a solid green light comes on, give your bottle a last shake and your baby’s feed is ready and at perfect temperature.

Perfect Prep Step 2

The Perfect Prep™ machine is fitted with lots of handy features e.g. an adjustable bottle platform so your bottle always sits close to the outlet no matter how small/tall your bottle is, a tank empty warning light so you know when it’s time to top up the tank, under the lid of the water tank you’ll find a handy oz vs ml conversion chart (different brands use different measurements) and much more. However what I love most is that you can control the unit with just one button, when you are tired, busy or have a grumpy baby on your arm this is a real sanity saver.

Two small notes: The Perfect Prep™ setting dial has 8 different feed sizes to choose from, starting at 120ml going up to 330ml with 30ml increments. This corresponds with the way the majority of baby formulas are prepared but on rare occasions a different water quantity may be required that cannot be selected on the setting dial. The beep sound is not very quiet which is good for sleepy parents but I do suggest keeping the unit in the kitchen so you don’t accidentally wake up other children while making up your baby’s feed.

At Closer to Nature® they understand that preparing your baby’s bottle isn’t always straight forward, which is why they have created the Perfect Prep™ machine. Specifically designed to make preparing bottles quicker and more accurate this clever device makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes so your baby’s bottle will be perfect every time. The Perfect Prep™ machine is designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes. You can find the Perfect Prep™ machine (RRP $249.95) at Babies R Us stores across Australia and online at

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  5 Responses to “Closer to Nature – Perfect Prep Machine giveaway”

  1. I have just found out we are expecting again I think the nature perfect prep machine is one if the best ideas I’ve seen so far as we struggle for money this would make things so much easier

  2. I love how it’s so simple to use. My partner could easily take over the night feeds if I needed a break or was unwell.

  3. I think its amazing, heating the water to the correct temp. filtering the water and measuring the formula….WOW

  4. I love how it just makes things simple in a pinch! There is nothing worse than a super hungry crying baby when you are trying to prepare their food. Makes me feel so guilty.

  5. Perfect for tired, busy parents as it is
    Efficient and Space Saving
    Reliable Every time making the perfect bottle
    Fast Preparation in under 2 minutes
    Easy to use
    Compatible with different bottles
    Temperature is always right

    Protects baby from bacteria by
    Retaining particles on its filter system and
    Ensuring sterile water with its “hot shot”
    Provides peace of mind each feed

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