May 292014

Penguin Australia

A little while ago I introduced you to a wonderful historical fiction book series called Our Australian Girl published by Penguin Books Australia. In Our Australian Girl we follow 10 Australian girls; growing up in different times and in different parts of Australia they all have their own story, their own challenges and their own adventures. What a great way to teach your daughters about Australia ‘in the olden days’! Last time I presented to you the wonderful Grace and Lina, today we’re welcoming Pearlie and Daisy to the Our Australian Girl fold:

Meet DaisyLet’s start with Daisy, a country girl who lives on a farm with her father and sister and loves every bit of it. It’s 1930 and as a result of the big stock market crash her father loses the farm, he has to look elsewhere for a job and in the mean while he sends the sisters to live with family in Melbourne. In Meet Daisy (RRP $14.99) we join Daisy and her sister as they embark on their very first train ride to the big, strange, scary city of Melbourne.

When the girls arrive in Melbourne they quickly discover that the city is not as glamourous as they thought it would be and their auntie is mean and far from welcoming. Weeks go by without a letter from their father, food is sparse, Aunty May is getting more horrible by the day and Daisy can’t find a job. As if life couldn’t get any worse the girls get separated when Aunty May throws Daisy out on the street, what is she going to do now?

Meet PearlieWe first Meet Pearlie (RRP $14.99) in 1941. Slowly but steadily the war between the United States of America and Japan is heating up and Darwin girl Pearlie can see the signs all around her: soldiers, fighter planes, the sound of guns. As always her adventurous friend Naoko Ito is tempting her with another exciting mission, this time they’re off to explore a mysterious cave on the beautiful Darwin shores.

The quiet, careful, animal loving Pearlie and confident, curious thrill seeker Naoko make a great team and when people accuse Naoko’s father of being a Japanese spy the two girls decide they have to find the real spy so they can clear the Ito family name. But that’s not as easy as it sounds and when Naoko and her family are being arrested Pearlie has to continue the task on her own…

I can’t wait to read what’s in store for Daisy and what will happen next in Pearlie’s hunt for the Japanese spy, stay tuned for the second book for both girls to find out.

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