May 242014

Dear Dumb Diary

High school is serious business, unless you’re one of the few ‘perfect’ people it’s an every day battle to survive and I haven’t even started about the study part of it. Jamie Kelly is an ordinary teen who may seem small but her dreams are big; she captures her day-to-day life in very own glittery, sparkly, musical, Jamie kind of way in her Dumb Diary and you can read along over her shoulder in Dear Dumb Diary:

Based on the New York Times best selling book series Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton this great movie has just been released in Australia and it’s sure to be enjoyed by tween and teens all around the country. Pop a bowl of popcorn and grab some drinks, it’s the perfect movie for a Friday night in or a sleepover party with friends.

Jamie’s high school days are filled with dorky teachers, boring classes, nasty canteen food, the annoyingly popular and very pretty Angeline, one awesome boy called Hudson that makes you weak in the knees and a best friend to turn to for advice. At school she may not be standing out but in her diary she is the stage queen.

Jamie class

When Jamie’s favourite subject Art is scrapped due to budget cuts she is devastated, how can she put it back on the agenda? A possible solution pops up in the form of a Jump-a-thon fundraiser, the principal suggest Jamie takes part so together with her best friend Isabella she sets off to find sponsors. The principal warns Jamie about Isabella and the bad influence she has on people but Jamie doesn’t want to hear anything negative about her friend.

Jamie and Isabella

During the fundraising for the Jump-a-thon her friend Isabella pretends to collect money for visually impaired children, a sneaky scheme that Jamie unwittingly becomes part of. Jamie is shocked and saddened to discover that her friend is not as good a friend as she thought she was and Jamie is no longer the person she wants to be. When her beloved diary turns up in the canteen and is being read out loud (in front of Hudson) her world falls apart. Thankfully her favourite aunt Carol shares some of her embarrassing teen moments and Jamie is able to get over it, she decides to go ahead with the Jump-a-thon and set things straight.


Thanks to Jamie Angeline win the Jump-a-thon and when Jamie hears that Angeline tried to limit the diary disaster for her Jamie realises that there is more to people than meets the eye and Angeline is not that bad at all. Hudson still talks to her and Isabella corrects her mistake, great lessons all around

Dear Dumb Diary is available on DVD (RRP $29.95) from leading retailers across Australia as well as digital download ($19.95) through iTunes.

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