May 172014


As you can imagine bath time in our household is rather crazy, getting four kids showered, dried and dressed is hard work! For us it is a case of team effort: one parent goes in the shower and does the scrubbing, hair washing and rinsing, the other lays out all the pyjamas and takes care of the drying and hair brushing. We are lucky to have a double shower so we have plenty of room for four young water lovers and plenty of room for water play.

Tommee Tippee Bath Time

Many of you will know Tommee Tippee from its popular baby feeding products but there is much more to the range than that. You can also count on Tommee Tippee to help you wave goodbye to shower tantrums and put smiles on little faces with the gorgeous Tommee Tippee Bath Collection. There are lots of fun, colourful and playful bath toys to choose from, these are some of our favourites:

Tommee Tippee Bath Time StackOur 15-month old daughter is particularly keen on the Tommee Tippee Bathtime Stack & Float Fun Play (9 months+), the bright colours are very appealing to little eyes and the toys have interesting shapes. Using the simple suction caps you can attach the blue base to the side of the bath or shower so it stays in place, making it easier for young children to stack the toys on top of each other in the right order.

Tommee Tippee Bath Time AppliquesMiss 3 and Master 5 are great sharers and they love making up their own little games with the Tommee Tippee Bathtime Tub Appliques (24+ months). These cute sea creatures stick to your shower screen, bath tube or tiles with lots of teeny tiny suction cups that are surprisingly strong. Like the rest of the bath toy range they are BPA free, very reassuring when you have a baby who puts them in her mouth when you’re not looking.

Tommee Tippee Fishing NetNow officially this Tommee Tippee Fishing Net With Floatees (4 months+) may be designed for younger children but this is actually miss 5’s favourite bath toy. She is always collecting the little floaties in the shower and squirting water with them on the baby. Between all the kids they also sometimes play a matching game e.g. pink with pink, starfish with starfish. As you can tell our bath ritual is never boring and never quick!

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