May 032014

Graeme Base

Much loved children’s author and artist Graeme Base has done it again. This time he has captured his love for flora and fauna in a series of delightful board books for the very young (or the young at heart) called Little Bug Books:

Pigs Have PigletsThe series consists of 4 short board books, perfect for parents to read their little ones and for beginning readers to read by themselves. Each book features 7 different animal questions, pictured on a beautiful double page spread with fold-out flap. In Pigs Have Piglets readers will discover a range of adorable baby animals and find out the correct name for them. We all know that dogs have puppies and that lions have cubs, but did you know swans have cygnets?

Monkeys Live In TreesAnts live in anthills, foxes live in dens, rabbits live in burrows, in Monkeys Live In Trees kids learn all about different habitats and which animals live where. Graeme Base’s artwork is so beautiful and detailed, there is lots to look at. This is my kids’ favour title in the series, they love testing themselves and each other on their knowledge with the flap closed and check their answer by opening it up.

Cows Say MooCows Say Moo is probably the easiest of the four books, so it’s a great starting point for babies and toddlers who will love practising the sounds different animals make. At the same time it’s fun for older children too as (just like in the other titles in the range) there is a cheeky little lady bug hiding in the pictures and he changes colour on each page so spotting him is not as easy as you think.

Birds FlyLast but not least Birds Fly explains how different animals get around on the ground, in the water and in the sky. Because not all little hands are careful and strong the books are designed with a sturdy hard cover and thick pages so they’ll stay in good shape and the square, chunky shape is appealing to little eyes. Priced at $9.99 each Little Bug Books make an affordable gift for young kids, start with one and collect them all.

To find out more about Little Bug Books by Graeme Base, to take a virtual look inside the books and to order online visit

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