Apr 102014

With our Europe holiday slowly coming closer the kids are becoming more and more interested in planes. This will be the first time the older three really understand the concept of flying and they can’t get enough of hearing all about it. I’m very glad they are too small to read the newspapers and worry about missing planes, instead we are keeping things upbeat with the latest Disney DVD release Planes:

Planes Blu-rayLet the makers of the roaring Disney hits Cars and Cars 2 take you on a sky high adventure with Planes. He may be built for farm work but Dusty the Crop Duster is dreaming of racing up high with the ‘real’ planes and taking part in the ‘Wings around the Globe’ competition. Unfortunately not everyone believes he is up to the task, add to that the small issue of his fear of heights and you can see why it won’t be easy to make his dream come true.

It takes a lot of practice, the support of his loyal farm friends and the expert advise of former war plane Skipper but to everyone’s surprise Dusty the Crop Hopper qualifies for the race. Now it is up to him to prove himself over the course of the race while flying from country to country. What a great way to learn about some of the world’s most famous monuments!


Along the way Dusty meets friendly competitors, jealous co-flyers and even some very attractive aircraft and as the race continues he slowly overcomes his fear of heights. He quickly wins the hearts of all participants thanks to his kind and helpful nature, it looks like he really is in with a chance to win this thing. Will Dusty’s big dream come to an end when he crashes and seems beyond repair?

Planes is available on DVD ($29.95) and Blu-ray ($39.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Disney, to discover the latest releases and to order your favourite titles online visit www.disney.com.au.

To celebrate the April 9th Blu-ray and DVD release of Planes we are giving away 3 copies of Planes on Blu-ray. What are you waiting for? Put on your seat belt and get ready for take off by entering our giveaway below:

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  7 Responses to “Planes giveaway”

  1. Our Grandkids would this DVD

  2. “Littlies’ have been given a DUPLO PLANES set. The DVD would further extend their wickedly wild, wonderful creative play times.

  3. The kids love this movie….they thought it was great and would love to see it again. 🙂

  4. My little ones haven’t even seen it yet and already they love it, seeing all the characters around shops and TV.

  5. My grand children would love to see this, they love all Disney Programmes, a great opportunity for them relax and enjoy at Grandm’a house.

  6. The kids would love this!!

  7. Great fun movie the kids love it

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