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Apr 042014


So you’ve picked BPA-free baby bottles, the house has been baby proofed and the safest car seat installed, you’ve stocked up on organic baby shampoo and cook every meal from scratch to avoid any nasty additives, but have you looked closely at the place where your baby spends the most time of all?

Ecocotton Ladybug Cot Linen

Newborn babies spend the majority of their day in bed, beautifully wrapped and carefully placed on their back so they can breathe in the fresh air while they sleep…. But is the air around them as clean and safe as you think it is? As stylish as their bedlinen may be, the sad truth is that most fabrics contain an unwelcome mix of dangerous pesticides, chemicals and other toxic substances that are used in the production process of cotton textiles and your baby could be inhaling it all.

Ecocotton Little Sheep Cot SetNone of these worries are needed when you choose Ecocotton for your family. The entire Ecocotton range of home and baby textiles is made using 100% certified organic Aegean cotton and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner so it’s a safe choice for your precious little bundle, as well as the world we live in. If your baby has sensitive skin or suffers from eczema or other skin conditions there is no better choice.

Ecocotton Navy Bear Cot LinenEcocotton looks after the youngest family members with a luxury collection of baby bed and bath linen in classic themes and timeless colours. Each Ecocotton Baby Bedding Set ($149.50) comes beautifully packaged in a special gift box and consists of a cot-sized bottom sheet, embroidered quilt cover with matching pillow case and sweet decorative cushion cover to complete the look.

Ecocotton Mouse Cot SetWhether you purchase Ecocotton for your own little one or another special arrival you can be sure it will last the distance. In the beginning your newborn is likely to sleep uncovered on the super soft bottom sheet, as baby grows you can add the quilt and once your child is old enough you can start using the pillow too. Why not pop the decorative cushion in your rocking or feeding chair as a cute little touch that ties everything together?

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