Nook Lilypad Playmat

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Mar 292014

Nook Sleep Systems

Whether it’s for tummy time at home, a nice play on the floor at grandma, a quick place to rest when visiting friends or a relaxing lay down at your local park, with this gorgeous Nook Lilypad Playmat you’ll always have a convenient, clean and safe place for your baby on hand no matter where you are.


Just like the rest of the Nook Sleep Systems range the Lilypad Playmat is designed with your child’s health and safety in mind. Nook uses only the safest, highest quality materials so your precious bundle is well looked after and you can safely put your little one down without worrying about nasty chemicals and toxic substances.

Nook Lilypad OrangeThe outer cover of the Nook Lilypad is made of eucalyptus and certified organic cotton, it is soft to touch, naturally breathable and free from nasties. If your baby suffers from allergies or has sensitive skin (like many babies do) this is the perfect fabric choice as it will not irritate or itch. Eucalyptus is a very sustainable resource so at the same time you’re doing your share for the environment your children are growing up in.

Nook Lilypad Playmat GreenThe eye catching ‘bubble’ pattern does not only look super stylish, it also allows for continuous airflow under and around your baby. For convenient transport or storage the mat can simply be folded up. On the inside this comfortable playmat is filled with so called ‘good’ PETE, this is a non-toxic, easily recyclable plastic that is FDA approved to be safe for water bottles. At Nook they know little ones are experts are drooling, dribbling and other messy accidents so the Nook Lilypad Playmat is even machine washable, how handy is that?

The Nook Lilypad Playmat ($169, 40″ diameter) is available in green and orange and can be found in store at Mantha & You.

To find out more about Mantha & You, to take a closer look at the Nook Lilypad and to order online visit