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If you regularly read our updates on the Hip little one Facebook page you may remember that we were considering purchasing a trampoline for our little tribe. After lots of researching, comparing, reading reviews and asking around we finally decided on one and ordered the Vuly Thunder from Australian outdoor play specialist Yardgames:

Vuly Thunder

Vuly Thunder

Born in 2008 right here in Australia the Vuly brand is now one of the biggest names in trampolines, you can find their trampolines in backyards all over Australia and around the world. Following the success of the original model (the Vuly Classic) Vuly last year released a brand new, innovative and highly anticipated design called the Vuly Thunder, a revolutionary trampoline designed to be strong, safe and have the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence. I thought that sounded pretty awesome so I set out to find out more.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder is made without traditional coil springs, instead it uses super strong, quiet and extremely bouncy, leaf springs, eliminating the risk of limbs getting stuck in springs and removing the annoying clanging noise that many trampolines make when in use. Because the mat and the net are one piece there is no slipping off the trampoline either making it extremely safe for our precious bundles.

Vuly versus Springfree, a question we asked ourselves too. I’ll admit that we did consider a Springfree but after comparing the two we made up the balance and felt the Vuly Thunder ticked all the boxes for us, had some great benefits over the Springfree and was simply much better value for money.

Vuly Thunder in action

The Vuly Thunder in action

One of the first things people look at when buying a trampoline is the size. You want a trampoline that can accommodate your own children (and any little guests that come to visit), now but also as they grow. As a family of six we knew we had to invest in a big trampoline so we decided on the Vuly Thunder XL, a round trampoline with a jump mat diameter of 3.8m. The Vuly Thunder is also available in size M (2.5m diameter) and L (3.2m diameter) for smaller yards/families.

No matter how big (or small) your trampoline is, the fact that it is big enough doesn’t mean it can hold the weight of the jumpers so the weight limit is extremely important. As we have four children it is likely there will be multiple children, and sometimes an adult, on it at the same time so we wanted to make sure our new trampoline could handle the weight. The Vuly Thunder, regardless of which size you choose, has a massive weight limit of 150kg (that means even hubby and I can have a jump together!). Only the biggest and most expensive Springfree has a 150kg limit, the others can only hold 115kg.

Also very important is the weight of the trampoline itself. The Vuly Thunder is a very solid and extremely heavy trampoline which is very important in our windy neighbourhood, the Thunder XL weighs in at more than 250kg so it won’t blow away with a strong gust of wind. For comparison, even the biggest Springfree trampoline comes in at less than 150kg.

Fun and exercise in one

Fun and exercise in one (inside the Trampoline Tent)

Obviously a trampoline is a big investment so you want to make sure you are buying a high quality and very safe product that will last the distance. The Vuly Thunder is designed with strong, heavy duty, thoroughly tested parts and does not involves any nuts, bolts or screws so it is not only easy to set up but there is also no chance of screws becoming loose leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

You may not be able to do the same tricks (yet) as the Olympic medalists that tested the Vuly Thunder but you can definitely try whilst being safely protected by Australia’s tallest trampoline safety net. The strong mesh is not too loose and not too rigid and has small holes so fingers and toes won’t get caught. The net is stitched to the mat so jumpers won’t tumble off the trampoline.

After having seen several Springfree trampolines with broken zips around the entrance, and hearing from others users with the same issue, we felt this was a big worry as it leaves an open door for kids to fall out and get injured. The entrance of the Vuly Thunder is completely zip free, instead the safety net and the door opening overlap. This layered designed allows for a tight side opening (admittedly a bit of a squeeze for an adult) that is not accidentally accessible while jumping.

Fun on the HexVex Mat

Fun on the HexVex Mat

The Vuly Thunder is fitted with a super bouncy mat with HexVex print which adds a whole new dimension of play to your trampoline. From a game of Trampoline Twister to Mimic Me and Story Hop, kids will have no trouble coming up with new games to play using the fun illustrations on their Thunder.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder comes complete with free trampoline skirt which looks neat and keep limbs, toys and animals from getting under your trampoline. Another bonus is the handy step that is built into the frame, removing the need for a ladder, Springfree trampolines are delivered without ladder and it will cost you an extra $99 to add one.

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

If you keep an eye on the Yardgames website you will notice that there are regular offers for a free Vuly Trampoline Tent when you purchase your trampoline. This is an awesome accessory that our kids absolutely love, you can use the complete tent with roof and sides or just the roof alone, transforming your trampoline in a super cool cubby.

Quite the adventure, 'camping' on your Trampoline

Quite the adventure, ‘camping’ on your Trampoline

By buying your Vuly trampoline through Yardgames, a registered Vuly reseller, you can rest assured you will receive full warranty, ongoing support and half price spare parts for the life of the trampoline directly from Vuly Australia.

When you add all these great features and bonuses up the Vuly Thunder came out on top for value, quality, safety and fun and we’re super thrilled with our purchase. If you happen to walk by our yard you’re sure to hear lots of laughter and giggles thanks to Vuly.

To find out more about Yardgames, to browse the Vuly range and to order your own Vuly trampoline online visit www.yardgames.com.au.

  15 Responses to “Jumping for Joy: Vuly Thunder”

  1. Great choice! We love our Vuly, but I wish we went the XL as well… We have four kids now, and although my big three (who are only 6, 4 and 2) can all jump around in there together now, I think the XL would give much more room for them all as they grow up. I love the black netting and frame of the Vuly – makes it blend in more to our backyard. Enjoy! x

    • I was so glad you shared your opinion on the size before we bought ours and I definitely think the XL is perfect for us. We love everything about it and it blends in really well, I agree.

  2. We were lovin’ our Vuly as well but I was a bit miffed to get a can of spray paint the other day. Did you guys receive this for yours? Having spent heaps on it I was a bit cranky that they expect me to spray the whole thing! Specially as we’ve only had it for a couple of months!!! The letter that came with it says that my warranty won’t apply if I don’t do it which has made me worry that it won’t last. I had to laugh at the “bit of a squeeze” for the doorway. My little girl had a fall the other day and I had to go in after her. My butt got stuck like Winnie the Pooh and I thought I’d be in there for eva ha ha! Tore the stitching a bit trying to get free.

    • Hmmm no, we did not receive a can of spray paint?? Seems a little odd. We only got ours two weeks ago so maybe we have a later ‘edition’ than you?
      It is indeed a squeeze but I guess that’s what makes it safe for little ones. I am glad I don’t have to watch myself squeeze through though, quite the sight I imagine!

      • So, that makes me more nervous, changes or updates so soon after purchasing. The Thunder is not cheap so surely the product has been tested before putting out into the market. I feel I have a lemon if I need to be recoating the paint to ensure I have a warranty. Maybe I should complain directly to Vuly, Oh, just try to ask the question on facebook and they don’t allow you to post on there wall – what business does that??

        • I have no idea how, what and why 🙁 In the past I always asked my questions for Vuly on their website as they have a very convenient Live Chat function, if you have any concerns I am sure they’ll help you out there?

    • Hi Katie,
      We purchased our Thunder for Christmas 2013, and we also received the can of UV spray a few weeks ago. I gave Vuly a call as our trampoline had rust spots all over it. It was only surface rust, but I wasn’t happy that after less than 3 months it looked so badly weathered and faded, and covered in rusty spots. The paint was also rubbing off onto my kids clothes. I was asked to send some photos, and was extremely impressed when I was advised it would be replaced without any difficulty. Our new Vuly arrived today, I really hope the paint on this one is much better. It’s a bit surprising that the initial paint was so poor, especially when you consider the price of these trampolines. Maybe it wasn’t tested properly in our harsh climate? Anyway, we love the trampoline and the customer service from Vuly has been great.

      • Hi Ricky,

        I am sorry to read you experienced issues with your Vuly Thunder. I myself have not noticed any problems with the paint, our trampoline is still quite new so I obviously can’t comment on the durability in the long run. However I have been in contact with the Vuly customer service team on a few occasions and they have been very helpful. Everyone I have spoken to who has dealt with Vuly is full of praise of the excellent after care so I am confident they do look after their customers if issues arise. I hope your new Vuly is a jumping success!

    • We also got the spray can but it only covered half the trampoline. We were VERY annoyed as it suggests their have been major problems. We also had a leaf spring break in the first week which left a nice pointed pice of metal. Love the trampoline but maybe think we should have waited a year or so for them to iron out the problems. All of our springs were replaced the next week but can’t get the rounded spike out of my mind when my kids jump on it now. In saying that the customer service have been fantastic to deal with, the trampoline has a great look and awesome jump and I love that the weight limit means I can jump with them.

      • Hi Tanya,

        I can definitely understand your disappointment, especially as it is quite the investment for a family (well for ours it is!). When we selected the Vuly Thunder we did take into consideration that it is very innovative design so it is hard to know how the design will hold up in the long run. In saying that, I have heard and read nothing but good about the Vuly aftercare and on the occasions I have spoken to them on the phone they have been very helpful and quick so that does mean a lot. Let’s hope your broken leaf spring was an isolated incident and the kids have many more years of jumping joy ahead.

  3. Hi Hip Little One!

    Thank you for your fantastic review of the Vuly Thunder! It’s great to see kids enjoying the Vuly Thunder in backyards across Australia.

    Thank you all for the feedback too, if anyone has any concerns at all about their Vuly trampoline please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 667 514. We’ll be more than happy to help!

    Kind Regards,


    Vuly Customer Service

    • Hi Laura,

      Thank you for dropping by and I am glad you liked the review. We are most definitely thrilled with our Vuly Thunder but I am glad to hear you are able to help out with any concerns my readers may have.

      Kind regards, Simone

  4. These are great trampolines. I don’t personally own one however saw it at a school fete recently and was impressed.

  5. Thanks for reviewing. I am considering a Vuly Thunder vs a Springfree trampoline. We just had our backyard landscaped so I have been nervous about whether the Vuly will kill the grass underneath. The staff at Springfree & my friends who have a Springfree tell me that the grass grows better underneath the trampoline but Vuly told me the grass underneath will die. I am not sure why there would be a difference, apart from increased weight of the Vuly trampoline, but wanted to see if anyone has any comments from experience with this yet?

    • Hi Carlos,

      Obviously I am not an expert and we purposely chose a non-grassy area for our Vuly Thunder so I can’t share from experience. In my opinion when you look at the bottom part of the Springfree it is much more open than the Vuly Thunder. The Vuly Thunder has a heavy, strong frame that is very enclosed, creating a dark, shady area underneath and not much sunlight would come in. Maybe this is the reason grass wouldn’t do as well with the Vuly? Good luck!

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