Jan 022014

The Chalkboard Tee

When you spend your days with little people like I do you will soon discover that they always have plenty to say, in fact they never stop talking! I could write a book filled with all the funny things they say and hilarious stories they tell. If you have a few little chatterboxes at home too here’s something to keep them busy:

Chalkboard Tee

The Chalkboard Tee by Class Attire

Chalkboard Tee AppleDesigned by Class Attire the super hip Chalkboard Tee range is now available at Tinyfolk, home of those fabulous cardboard playhouses I wrote about a few months ago. Each Chalkboard Tee ($39) features a cool write-on panel that can be written on, or decorated with, chalk again and again. A compact 5-piece coloured chalk set is included and you can even store one piece in the handy little pocket at the front, because you never know when creativity will hit you!

Chalkboard Tee Think BubbleWhen the kids have nothing left to say (for now!) simply wipe off the artwork, just wash like normal laundry and you’ve got a nice clean slate for next time. There are lots of different Chalkboard Tee designs and colours to choose from to suit boys and girls with sizes ranging from 2 up to 8 years old. My favourite designs are the Think Bubble and the City Skyline, I think they look super hip.

To find out more about Tinyfolk, to browse the Chalkboard Tee range and to order online visit www.tinyfolk.com.au.

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