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Just as it is not easy for mums to get back into the ‘school routine’ of packing lunches, drop offs and pick ups it can be quite tricky for kids too. After six weeks of fun and play it’s back to reading, counting and piles of homework so it’s time to brighten up that boring school desk. Make homework fun on a budget with Daiso:

Daiso Office

Founded back in 1977 in Japan the gorgeous Daiso brand recently arrived in Australia with a massive 16 stores opening up in New South Wales, Victoria and Queenland already. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting a Daiso store just yet but can’t wait to enjoy the ‘Daiso experience’, it sounds like so much fun! From house to office, from garden to food, from toys to craft and so much more, the stores are filled with stylish, bright and handy little gadgets and absolutely everything in store is priced at $2.80.

Daiso Back to School

So while homework may be inevitable you can make the load a bit lighter with some of Daiso’s fun and affordable back to school products. Sweet little notebooks, funky scissors, adorable pencil cases, patterned calculators, colourful pens and pencils, cheeky sticky notes; fill your shopping basket with everything you need to turn a simple home desk or office into a happy place that puts a smile on peoples faces. The $2.80 product pricetag makes Daiso affordable for everyone and a hot favourite for budget friendly (birthday) gift shopping too.

Daisy School Supplies

Unfortunately not every state has a Daiso store just yet but the brand is growing rapidly so keep an eye on the Daiso Australia Facebook page for the latest news, products and updates.

To find out more about Daiso, to take a look at some of the range and to locate a Daiso store near you visit www.mydaiso.com.au.

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  1. Yes , we will visit a Daiso store (5 km closed to our house). Thank you for sharing

    • Lucky you, I would love to browse a Daiso store! Let me know how you go and what lovely goodies you have found 🙂

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