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Last week I wrote about a fragrant delivery from the cleaning experts at Dettol and it looks likes our house is not the only home with sticky messes and grubby floors, so many entries in our Dettol giveaway already! If you missed last week’s post you can read it here and enter the giveaway there, or take a shortcut and get your entries in below.

Dettol Kitchen Spray & WipesAs you know I was most excited about the Dettol Floor Cleaning System, with 4 young children who spend all day playing on the ground I really appreciate the quick and clean approach and it has definitely eased my worries about them coming in contact with nasty germs. However it appears there was another little gem hiding in the pack that I underestimated at first: the Dettol Power & Pure Multi Purpose Spray.

I am surprised by how often I am using this handy spray and I am still finding great new uses for it, it is quickly becoming my new cleaning favourite. Being a ‘multi purpose’ spray you can use the Dettol Power & Pure Multi Purpose Spray all around the house but as it is safe for food preparation surfaces I mainly use it in the kitchen. As a family of six we spend a lot of time there and there are always meals to be prepared or eaten which equals mess and lots of it.

Nothing like tomato sauce on a white high chair

Nothing like tomato sauce on a white high chair

Wipe off the kitchen bench and high chair after dinner, clean your stove after cooking, sanitise your cutting board after preparing food and shine up your draining area and sink; all it takes is a few sprays. If the grease is stubborn just leave it for a few minutes to activate and clean up later, this will save  you a lot of scrubbing. No harsh chemicals are left behind so there is no need to rinse afterwards.

No crying over spilt milk

No crying over spilt milk

I am sure you know what it is like, you open the fridge to quickly grab something only to find out that the bottle of milk or sticky ketchup has leaked all over your shelves. Cleaning up little fridge messes like that is easy, quick and hygenic with Dettol Power & Pure Multi Purpose Spray, it kills 99.9% of germs which is extremely important especially near your family’s food!

To find out more about Dettol, to browse the range and to learn all about keeping your home clean and healthy visit www.dettol.com.au.

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  1. Cleaning and disinfecting bench top/table surfaces.

  2. With a dog & a cat who both live inside, this Dettol Healthy Homes Prize Pack is just what my home needs 🙂

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