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Regular Hip little one readers will know that we’re currently in the middle of toilet training miss 3 and as you can probably imagine this is quite a messy adventure with some sticky surprises along the way. By now we have ditched the nappies completely (during the day) so there are many hasty runs to the bathroom. Unfortunately toilets and accidents come with their share of unwanted germs so the cleaning experts at Dettol sent me a box of Dettol cleaning products to help me keep a healthy home:

Dettol Prize Pack

A fresh and fragrant delivery from Dettol

Dettol Floor Cleaning SystemThe most exciting part of the delivery (for me) was the brand new Dettol Floor Cleaning System. The saying ‘Good things come in (relatively) small packages’ is definitely true for this nifty household gadget. On the outside it look like a simple box but inside you find all you need to get a clean floor in a flash: slide together the 4 pieces to create the handle of your Dettol Floor Cleaning System, click on the head, fold around one of the large Dettol Floor Wipes (15 pcs included) and you’re good to go.

When you have four little ones running around there is often need for a quick mopping but it’s not that easy, getting out that mop and bucket is one thing but actually finding the time to mop and then for the floor to dry without anyone walking and slipping on it is a different story. If your household is the same you will love the Dettol Floor Cleaning System as it is quick (to do and to dry), no buckets of water involved and it smells fantastic.

Dettol Floor Cleaning WipesA big plus point for me is that you use a clean wipe every time, unlike a mop which becomes rather unhygenic very quickly so you’re just mopping around those yucky germs. The Dettol Floor Wipes leave your floor shiny, remove sticky messes easily and most importantly kill 99.9% of germs including nasties like E.Coli and Staphylococcus. When you have little ones who spend a lot of time on the floor this offers great peace of mind.

I personally use the Dettol Floor Cleaning System for smaller surfaces that need immediate cleaning like after a spill or accident, eg. part of the kitchen, living room or hallway. To do a complete room you would probably need 2-3 wipes which is not very economical (to do every day) so if I want to do the whole kitchen I still leave the mopping until night time so it has time to dry. Overall I am very happy with the Dettol Floor Cleaning System and find it much easier, cleaner and convenient than a traditional mop.

Done? The wipe, and all those germs, go straight in the bin

Done? The wipe, and all those germs, go straight in the bin

Dettol Power & Pure Bathroom SprayTo tackle the inevitable mess that our little children make during their endless visits to the toilet and bathroom I have been using the Dettol Power & Pure Bathroom Spray. This spray is not only perfect for toilet seats but it also works a treat on bathroom sinks, counter tops and tiles (Oh the joys of little ones washing their hands every 15 minutes!). It smells really fresh and clean and does not require much elbow grease at all as stubborn soap scum is dissolved by a special Active Oxygen Formula.

Dettol Power & Pure products combine the best of both worlds: on the one hand they are strong and powerful, kill 99.9% of germs and cut through tough grease and dirt easily with the ‘magic’ Active Oxygen Formula and at the same time they do not leave a harsh chemical residue behind so they are safe to use on areas where your children play and live.

Dettol Kitchen Spray & WipesIn the same Power & Pure range you can also find the Dettol Power & Pure Multi Purpose Spray and Wipes, both are ideal for busy family kitchens and many other areas in your home. From kitchen bench to stove top and from splash back to oven door, everyday kitchen cleaning is now a lot easier as it doesn’t involve endless scrubbing and there is no need for wiping down afterwards.

When you share a house with six people there are some ‘high traffic’ places that really need a regular wipe down like doorknobs, bins, phones, it only takes a flash with these Dettol wipes and it will help prevent spreading germs around. Tip: The wipes are super convenient for camping or outside cooking and dining too!

If you would like some Dettol help to create a healthy home make sure you enter our giveaway below for your chance to win a fabulous Dettol Prize Pack containing all of the products featured above: The Dettol Floor Cleaning System, Dettol Floor Wipes Refill, Dettol Power & Pure Bathroom Spray, Dettol Power & Pure Kitchen Spray and Dettol Power & Pure Surface Wipes. Now that is sure to leave your home sparkling, shiny and healthy for the whole family to live and play in!

To find out more about Dettol, to browse the range and to learn all about keeping your home clean and healthy visit www.dettol.com.au.

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