Dec 142013
Kissed by the Moon

Kissed by the Moon RRP $19.95

As a big book lover I am pleased to see that my children are becoming keen readers as well, while too young to read by themselves they love listening to me reading to them and they study the pictures with great care. Often I am amazed by how much they remember from the stories and how well they repeat the stories out loud based on what they remember and what they see on the pages. One of our favourite bedtime stories at the moment is this beautiful hardcover book by Australia’s own Alison Lester.

Kissed by the Moon 1

Award winning author and illustrator Alison Lester is well known for her stunning artwork and timeless stories and Kissed by the Moon most definitely doesn’t disappoint. I admire how she manages to catch the attention of her little readers with just a few lines, taking them on a calming journey of wonder that never gets old.

Kissed by the Moon 2

Kissed by the Moon is a wonderful collection of simple but precious pleasures a mother wishes for her child, from enjoying the flowers and playing with animals to having fun at the beach and dancing in the rain. It’s a lovely way to remember what really matters and how little things make the most beautiful memories. (Don’t laugh but it always makes me a little emotional reading this book to my babies)

Kissed by the Moon 3

The illustrations are colourful and sweet and the poetic story is calming and soothing making Kissed by the Moon the perfect book to wind down with at bedtime.

To find out more about Alison Lester’s Kissed by the Moon ($19.99) published by Penguin Books Australia and to order online visit

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