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Next week we’re off for a few nights away in beautiful Halls Gap, it’s is such an amazing place and even though we’ve been there a few times before we never get bored by it. From kangaroos and emus to cockatoos and lizards, from waterfalls to mountain tops and of course wonderful flowers, there is so much to see and do! If your kids like exploring the outdoors too they will love these fun HABA toys from Where Did You Get That?:

Terra Kids Key Ring CompassI don’t know about your children but I know my little tribe would absolutely love a real compass like this Terra Kids Key Ring Compass ($14.95). Both fun and educational this cool gadget is a real must-have for your mini Bear Grylls, take it with you on walks in the neighbourhood, while out camping or when visiting your local park. Just like a real adventurer you can clip your compass onto your belt or backpack so it’s always within reach.

Terra Kids Beaker MagnifierWhether you are playing in your own backyard or are out in the real bush, there are always plenty of creepy crawlers around that make a very interesting study object. If you’re game enough you can pop the little wrigglers in this Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier ($8.50) and inspect them up close, or if you prefer to leave them in their natural habitat just use the Terra Kids Key Ring Pendant Magnifier ($7.95) instead. Like the compass it attaches to belt/backpack so you won’t lose it.

Other items in the range include a whistle, nesting box, camping light, LED lamp and more. The HABA Terra Kids range is designed with real, active children in mind and with prices starting at just $4.50 Terra Kids products make great gifts for birthdays, stocking fillers and even party favours.

HABA 'Terra Kids' range

HABA ‘Terra Kids’ range

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