Dec 202013


Now that school holidays are here kids will be spending lots of time outside; time to dust off the swingset, dig up the tennis rackets, pump up the soccer ball and stock up on fun outdoor activities like these great kits from Pustefix:

Pustefix Bubble StrawsFirst created in 1948 by a German chemist Pustefix quickly became the big name in soap bubbles with children all around the world now  enjoying the simple, but never aging, fun of blowing Pustefix bubbles. Pustefix has added a new dimension to this classic game with an ever growing range of cool bubble blowing toys and unique tools that make brilliant entertainment during the school holidays, you can find a great selection in store at Coccinella.

Pustefix AnimalsThe Pustefix range is made in Germany with high quality materials and ingredients and all products meet the strictest stafety standards. The bubble solution is harmless, non toxic and tested to ensure environmentally clean biological break down. (Can you say the same about the cheap bubble blowing set from the $2 shop around the corner? Your child’s health and safety is nothing something to take lightly!)

Pustefix HarmonicaKids will love blowing bubbles through trumpets, farm animals, sea creatures, a pipe, teddy bear, an elephant or special bubble straws, they can even create bubbles and make music at the same time with the Pustefix Harmonica! There are lots of great styles available and the bubble mixture is available separately too so you can use your Pustefix toys again and again. With prices starting at just $12.95 they make great little gifts for kids parties or of course stocking fillers.

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