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It has been more than 25 years since the first publication of Animalia and still children all around the globe are falling in love with the amazing, eye catching, jaw dropping beauty of the animal kingdom as told by Graeme Base. Like most (if not all) other families in Australia we have a copy of Animalia on the bookshelf and our kids never get bored by it, there is always something new to explore. Especially for the youngest of animal lovers Graeme Base has created a brand new version of the book that is sure to delight and entertain, check out My First Animalia:

My First Animalia by Graeme Base

My First Animalia by Graeme Base

My First Animalia ($19.99) arrived in book stores across the country last month, just in time to get wrapped up and be placed under the Christmas tree. This hardcover book is an impressive size and will soon become a family favourite with its beautiful full colour pages. Just like the original Animalia book the new junior edition travels through the animal world guided by the alphabet. The wonderful animal illustrations will no doubt catch the eyes of young readers and it is a lovely, playful way to introduce children to all the different animals and letters at the same time.

My First Animalia AB

Each double page of My First Animalia covers two different letters of the alphabet (shown in both upper and lower case) on the left on a soft pastel coloured background, on the right side you can see an animal picture that corresponds with the letter. When you open the flap a bigger picture scene is revealed, this piece of art in Graeme Base’s signature style shows a selection of words starting with the same first letter.

My First Animalia CD

Depending on your child’s age you can stick with just the single animals and as your little reader grows you can open the flaps and look at the bigger pictures to discover new words. My First Animalia is much more than just a reading book, you can use it in lots of different ways to keep it interesting: Learn a whole heap of animal names, have fun spotting different objects in the pictures, practise the complete ABC or individual letters and link them to words and pictures, learn about meanings and much more. With Christmas coming up this would make a lovely gift that will be enjoyed for a long time.

To find out more about My First Animalia by Graeme Base, to take a virtual look inside the book and to order online visit

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  1. Loved this book as a kid in the 1980s – heard Graeme Base read it up at Dromkeen children’s library & haven’t ever forgotten it, would love to pass this memory onto my little baby boy 😉

  2. beautiful book i think my grandchildren would love it

  3. Thankyou for a wonderful giveaway of such a wonderful book

  4. country mum and i love to show my kids the exotic pictures, thanks!

  5. What a beautiful looking book, my sons would love it! Great competition, thanks 🙂

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