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I don’t know how things go at your house but in our household it is always the same story: If I am doing chores the kids sleep nice and quietly, yet when I am done working, have finished all my little jobs and finally get ready to sit down on the couch for a relaxing 45 minutes with one of my favourite tv shows one or more of the kids wakes up. It goes like this all the time and I usually miss half of the show settling the baby, comforting an upset child or cleaning a mess and changing a bed.

Mum's Night In

Thanks to our lovely friends at the ABC Network we are able to spoil three lucky mums with a fabulous Mum’s Night In DVD pack (RRP $219) filled with some of Australia’s hottest TV shows. Watch them when and where you want; pause, rewind, stop, replay, you are in charge of the remote!

Private PracticeHardcore fans of Private Practise do not want to miss this, after five eventful seasons it is time to say goodbye to all of your favourite doctors from the Seaside Health & Wellness practice. Make sure you have a box of tissues on hand because some tears will flow as deaths, pregnancies (triplets!), proposals, new loves and farewells roll by. Private Practice season 6 is the last and final season so don’t miss your chance to finish your collection.

Private Practice season 6 (4 discs/13 episodes, RRP $39.95) is available from November 6, 2013.

CastleThere is also love in the air for Castle‘s Richard and Kate, who are about to find out whether you can be a couple and work together at the same time. As we know by now wherever Castle goes bodies are dropping like flies so there are plenty of mysteries to be solved in Castle Season 5. With Castle’s daughter kidnapped and a dead Santa this is the perfect show to keep you on the edge of your seat these Christmas holidays.

Castle Season 5 (6 discs/24 episodes, RRP $69.95) is available from November 6, 2013.

Criminal MindsThe much anticipated released of Criminal Minds season 8 is not due until early next month but pre-order lists are already filling up quickly. It’s a busy time for the BAU team with lots of intriguing cases, new team member Alex (Jeanne Tripplehorn) joins the group and Spencer is spending a lot of time talking to a mystery woman. In the background there is the ‘copycat’ who replicates the murders they investigate and one of the long term Criminal Minds characters will die, who will it be?

Criminal Minds season 8 (5 discs/24 episodes, RRP $69.95) is available from December 4, 2013.

Body of ProofYou can always count on Body of Proof‘s Dr. Megan Hunt for another mind boggling murder mystery. In Body of Proof season 3 there are 13 brand new cases requiring the expertise of the beautiful medical examiner, a piece of cake for Dr. Hunt with her background as a neurosurgeon. At the same time she has her own personal battles to fight involving her divorce and a career that didn’t quite went like she had hoped.

Body of Proof season 3 (3 discs/13 episodes, RRP $39.95) is available from December 4, 2013.

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