Nov 052013

Bean and Me

With 7 weeks to go until Christmas it is time to start organising the presents and plan with whom and where to spend this special time of the year. When it comes to December gifting I am the super organised kind, I start early in the year and keep everything in piles so I can see easily who will be receiving what and if the scores are even (for both number of presents and budget). I am well on track with only a few missing pieces left to organise, no stress here.

Personalised Santa Sacks ($49.95)

Personalised Santa Sacks ($49.95)

I don’t know about you but I just love the sight of traditional Christmas sacks popping up every where, it always looks so magical, warm and full of happy memories. If you haven’t gotten your child his/her own personalised sack just yet you’ll be pleased to know that you have until the end of the month to order your favourite at Bean and Me.

Santa Sack SpotsThere are four different personalised Santa Sacks ($49.95) to choose from, featuring cheeky dots, classy stripes, stylish chevron or classic Christmas trees. To make your little ones feel extra special each sack will be embroidered with your child’s name in seasonal green, what a lovely way to start your own family Christmas tradition. These fully lined sacks will be enjoyed year after year and would make a lovely keepsake to look back at later.

To find out more about Bean and Me, to browse the range and to order online visit

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  1. Thank you! Gorgeous aren’t they! I LOVE Christmas too, although I’m not quite as organised as you are 🙂
    If anyone is thinking of getting one (or all 4!) orders need to be in by November 30 to ensure delivery before Christmas. Rochelle x

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