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Nov 232013

That's MY Story

As if preparing for Christmas is not enough work as it is many mums also need to get organised for the upcoming school holidays. Six weeks is a long time and whether you are boarding a plane, hitting the road or ‘just’ staying home you will need to keep the kids entertained somehow. If you’re smart you can kill two birds with one stone by choosing presents that the kids will enjoy long after Christmas day, like this fabulous Australian game called That’s MY Story:


That’s MY Story Card Game ($16.95)

Developed by learning expert and mum of two Melissa That’s MY Story ($16.95, ages 3+) is a simple yet very fun and effective storytelling game that will help children and adults to create the most amazing stories. Most children love listening to and making up their own stories, but many parents (me included) struggle at times to come up with fresh storylines. Time for a little help in the shape of 47 colourful That’s MY Story cards in a handy storage tin.

That's MY Story CardEach That’s MY Story card plays a role in your yet to be invented story: Begin with a Story Starter (eg. Did you ever hear the story of, It all started when…), add in a Character (eg. Doctor, Dinosaur, Fairy, Girl, Policeman), decide on the Setting (eg. School, Shop, Party, Circus), flavour the tale with a ‘Wild’ card (eg. Soccer Ball, Rainbow, Backpack), decide on your ending with the Story Closer card and finish by holding up the Harlequin card to claim ownership of your very own story.

There are so many different cards and the combinations are endless so this is a game that never gets old. The cards feature both pictures and descriptions, so it is also fun for young children who can not yet read and will help those learning to read to connect the words and pictures. Instructions are included and if you are looking for other ways to play with the cards check out these great game suggestions, lots of cool ideas and all with one single pack of cards.

Keep all cards neatly together in the handy storage tin

Keep all cards neatly together in the handy storage tin

The cards pack up neatly together in the That’s MY Story tin making it a perfect game for the car, train, plane or holiday, just pop it in your handbag and pull it out when boredom strikes. Priced at just $16.95 this makes a fun, educational and very affordable Christmas gift that might just save your sanity these school holidays.

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