Nov 072013

Cabbage Patch Kids

Last Christmas we gave away some gorgeous Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to our readers and we were overwhelmed by the response, so many of you had special memories of your very own first Cabbage Patch Kids and we loved reading every single one of them. This year Cabbage Patch Kids is celebrating the big 3-0 (just like me!) and we’re joining in the birthday fun with another fabulous Cabbage Patch Kids giveaway:

CPK Vintage KidsDid you know that, since the launch of Cabbage Patch Kids in 1983, more than 125 million of these chubby babies have been sold? Cabbage Patch Kids are so much more than just a doll, they are best friends, secret sisters, conspiracy partners, picnic buddies, little patients and so much more. Once you adopt a Cabbage Patch Kid and have its birth certificate in hand you are guaranteed to have a friend for life.

Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Vintage Kids ($79.99)

Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Vintage Kids ($79.99)

CPK Vintage KidAs part of the happy 30th Birthday celebrations some special dolls have been released, like the Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Vintage Kids ($79.99). Real fans are sure to appreciate the classic wool hair, stitched soft bodies and original 80s outfits just like those very first releases that sold out in no time. Every year these beautiful dolls are at the top of Christmas wish list all over the world, did you ask for one too when you were little?

CPK LE Vintage KidIf you missed out in the 80s here’s your chance to change the past and get hold of one of these huggable beauties, for yourself or maybe to surprise a precious little person in your life. Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Vintage Kids dolls ($79.99) and Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Birthday Celebration dolls ($59.99) are available from major retailers and independent toy stores across Australia.

To find out more about Cabbage Patch Kids and to locate a stockist near you visit or call 1800 244 543.

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