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Before I moved to Australia in 2006 the only Aussie tv shows I knew were The Crocodile Hunter, Neighbours and McLeod’s Daughter’s (Don’t laugh when I tell you that I was quite shocked to discover that my new home town of Adelaide did not at all resemble the Australia I had seen on Dutch TV!). I have come a long way since then and know a lot more about Aussie TV, or so I thought until I sat down for a game of The Best of TV & Movies:

The Best of TV & Movies by The Logo Board Game

The Best of TV & Movies ($35) by The Logo Board Game

From the makers of The Logo Board Game now comes a brand new entertainment edition which is specifically created for the Australian public. Get your friends together and test your knowledge of everyone’s favourite Aussie tv shows, series, movies, famous lines and actors as well some international legends while playing The Best of TV & Movies ($35, ages 12+). The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players (or 2 teams) and is very easy to play, if only the questions were that easy too!

The Logo Board GameSimple questions like ‘Name the airborne TV series that ran from 1986 to 1994’, ‘What Sunday show have watched Ray, Charles, Jana and Liz present on?’ and ‘Name the show Moll Meldrum hosted from 1974 until 1987’ are just for warming up, some of the trickier ones are sure to have you scratching your head. It quickly became clear that I still have a lot of catching up to do and my husband was crowned the proud winner (this time!).

With 400 question cards and 4 questions per card The Best of TV & Movies offers hours and hours of fun, a perfect game for a relaxing evening spent with friends or family. Each coloured space on the board represents a different question on the card and by answering the questions correctly you move closer and closer to the winning zone. The player/team that first passes the final winning zone test wins.

MooseIf you think you’ve got what it takes and know all there is to know about Australian TV and movies you can test your knowledge online at www.logobestoftv.com.au. You are not just playing for honoue, there are great prizes up for grabs for the real connoisseurs (How does $500 worth of movie tickets sound?). The Best of TV & Movies is another great game by Australia’s toy specialist Moose Toys.

To find out more about Moose Toys, to take a closer look at the ‘The Best of TV & Movies’ Board Game and to locate a stockist near you visit www.mooseworld.com.au.

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