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Disney Infinity

A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming release of Disney Infinity and I promised to be back a little later to not only share my experiences but also bring you a giveaway. Some of you wondered if I forget all about that, don’t worry I was just taking the time to test Disney Infinity myself (read: have loads of fun and neglect my household duties). Now if you have been living under a rock and completely missed the who, what and how of Disney Infinity check out my original post here, it explains all the ins and outs in easy to understand language.

Disney Infinity Starter Pack

Disney Infinity PS3 Starter Pack

To start your Disney Infinity journey you need a Disney Infinity Starter Pack, suitable for your game console. As we recently purchased an Xbox 360 we went with the Xbox Starter Pack but you can also buy a PS3, Wii or WiiU version. I think it is important to point out that I am not a ‘gamer’, in fact the last computer game I ever played was Super Mario on a Nintendo 64 (Am I showing my age here?). At the same time our children are new to game consoles as well so we were all very excited to give this a go.

Disney Infinity Base

Disney Infinity Base

The setting up was very easy: just plug the base into your game console, insert the Disney Infinity disc and the game will guide you through the whole process in simple steps. As I explained in my original post there are two ways to play Disney Infinity: You can play ‘free range’ in the Toy Box or you can explore pre-made games in the so called Play Sets. As our children are big fans of Monsters University we decided to start with the Monsters University Play Set by simply placing the Sulley figurine (which is part of the Starter Pack) on the Disney Infinity base.

Monsters University figurines

Monsters University figurines

Even when you are a novice like me it is not hard to learn how to control the game, clear instructions pop up on the screen to tell you which buttons to press and what actions you can perform. Our two 5-year olds (and even the 3-year old) worked it out very quickly and have the best time exploring Monsters University. Because we thought it would be nicer for two family members to play together we purchased the Mike figurine separately which I think was a good move, at ca. $17.99 it was not overly expensive and now our kids can share the game experience. When you play with two players you actually play together as opposed to play against eachother which is more fun.

Sulley on the move

Sulley on the move

The game truly is beautifully made, it really feels like you are walking around on the Monsters University campus. Wherever you look there are things to see, touch, pick up, climb on, change and play with, I was extremely impressed. Within the Play Sets there are many ‘missions’ to be fullfilled, some are short and some are a bit longer but it is nice to have little challenges to do within the big Play Set. By completing the individual missions you follow a storyline but there are so many missions to do we are yet to reach the end.

Toiletpaper Gun Action

Toiletpaper Gun Action

Unlike many other computer games there is no ‘game over’ which makes it a much more positive way to play for children, it does not matter if they make mistakes as they can just try again. We are quite careful about what we expose our young children to and Monsters University is definitely a child friendly game, it is happy, fun, full of jokes, tricks and cheeky monster antics. Who wouldn’t love a turn with a toiletpaper gun or a ride on Archie the scare pig? The kids love pulling tricks on other characters, riding bikes, playing paintball, building joke traps and especially picking eachother up, they will not stop laughing when they get tiny Mike to pick up big Sulley and carry him around.

Pulling Pranks

Pulling Pranks

For the kids it has become a bit of a habit to get some play time with hip daddy on a Saturday morning, they play just 10-15 minutes each which is long enough for children of their age. When they play with daddy he mostly takes care of the challenges while they explore and have fun, keeping it fun for all. Behind the scenes daddy is building a cool Toy Box World for the kids and I will make to sure to share some more about that as we get ready to show it to them. We are also impatiently waiting to find out what the next Disney movie is to made available as a Disney Infinity Play Set, which movie is your favourite?

If you would love experience the magic that is Disney Infinity too make sure you enter our giveaway below, up for grabs is a Disney Infinity PS3 Starter Pack valued at $89.95.

To find out more about Disney Infinity, to take a closer look at the game and to watch cool videos of Disney Infinity in action visit www.disneyinfinity.com.au.

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  1. OMG I need to win this TY for the chance!

    • when will we find out who the winner is?

      • Hi Linda, the winner will be drawn once the giveaway has ended (end date and count down are displayed in the Rafflecopter widget above). The winner will be notified via email and also listed on the competition winners page here on the Hip little one blog. Good luck!

  2. I would love to win this for my 2 beautiful nieces and my nephew.

  3. Dumbo!

  4. I’d love to see Alice in Wonderland.

  5. I would love to see fantasia made into a PS3 game….thanks

  6. My seven year old girl is amazing and deserves the world.

  7. I would love to win this for my two eldest for christmas. Unfortunatley this year has been hard so things like these would be an absolute bonus

  8. Great present for my 3 sons

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  10. The Little Mermaid. Fav film now & forever 🙂

  11. would be lovely to win this for one of my many grandchildren.

  12. What an amazing giveaway, my four children have been wanting this ever since they first seen it advertising. They are huge Disney fans.

  13. Would so love to win this for my 5 year old step son, its so hard these days to find something for him to play that will not give him nightmares and to win this would be awesome for him. It will keep him occupied for days, he loves to play the playstation.

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