Oct 072013

the Family Love Tree

What better way to start a public holiday than with a lazy sleep-in, I am so grateful for a lovely husband who sometimes plays with the little ones in the morning so I can catch up on some sleep. Even if it is only an hour, it still means I get to wake up a bit more rested after yet another broken night. Even though most people don’t spend much (awake) time in their bedroom it is still important that it is a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful and comfortable room that you feel happy in.

For some sweet bedroom inspiration check out these amazing bed heads from Melbourne store The Family Love Tree, aren’t they just stunning?

Peacock Bed Heads

Peacock Bed Heads

The beautiful Peacock Bed Heads are such a unique and very stylish way to brighten up a boring sleeping space. You can add a pop of colour to your child’s bedroom (or your own!) with just one piece of decor, so simple! These hip bed heads are available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes with prices starting at $399.

To find out more about The Family Love Tree, to browse the range and to order online visit www.thefamilylovetree.com.au.

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