Oct 312013


As the weather heats up and our little girl is wearing less clothing it is becoming more and more obvious that we have another eczema baby on our hands. From experience we know that summer can be a tricky season, on the one hand the fresh air and sun are great, but on the other hand heat can make eczema flare up and the (now uncovered) itchy patches are easy to reach and little hands will scratch and scratch until the skin breaks.

Frugi Girls Summer

To make sure her clothing doesn’t aggrevate the situation we dress Sybil in organic or bamboo clothing whenever possible. We particularly like the soft, organic cotton pieces by UK label Frugi and we’re in luck as the gorgeous baby summer collection has just arrived at Baby Gift Works.

Frugi Jam Pot TeePeople from all over the world have come to know and love Frugi not only because of the lovely colours, unique prints and sweet appliques but especially for its soft, durable and comfortable fabrics. As Sybil is a reflux baby she can go through five outfits a day easily, her clothes are washed over and over and the Frugi garments still look and feel fantastic. I have no doubt the new range is going to be a winner too.

Henny Check Pinafore DressWith Christmas in mind I’ve put away this super cute Henny Check Pinafore Dress ($39.95) which looks just adorable. Now of course you never know what the weather will be like on Christmas day but this dress can easily be worn with a crisp white tee underneath so we will be sorted either way. Nice bonus: we happen to already have the matching coral Knitted Ditsy Cardigan ($39.95), just in case it gets chilly!

Taking her new Christmas dress for a test crawl

Taking her new Christmas dress for a test crawl

Frugi Icecream TeeThe boys range is just as delightful, featuring fresh, cheerful colours and cool prints like tractors, boats and cars (thankfully no skulls, bones or odd slogans here!). All Frugi garments are designed for easy wash and wear with room for baby to move around comfortably, even with a cloth nappy on. If you’re purchasing a Baby Gift Works (Christmas) gift for a special little person make sure you select gift wrapping and gift tag, it’s free for two or more items and the parcels look beautiful!

Frugi Boys Summer

To find out more about Baby Gift Works, to browse the Frugi range and to order online visit www.babygiftworks.com.au.

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Sales & Savings – Week 44

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Oct 302013

Nell & OllNell & Oll
What? 30% off Bobble Art (+ FREE Shipping for orders over $40)
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts
Where? www.nellandoll.com.au

Retro RagamuffinsRetro Ragamuffins
What? Free postage Australia wide
How? Enter the code ‘freeship’ at checkout
When? Until November 2, 2013
Where? www.retroragamuffins.com.au

Just SmittenJust Smitten
What? 20% off storewide for orders over $40
How? Enter the code ‘octoberflash20’ at checkout
When? Until October 31, 2013
Where? www.justsmitten.com.au

What? 10-20% off toys
How? Prices as marked
When? Until November 4, 2013
Where? www.babyography.net.au

What? 25% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘TREAT25’ at checkout
When? Until October 31, 2013
Where? www.hootkid.com

Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals
What? FREE Library Bag with every order
How? Enter your choice of Library Bag (Jungle or Enchanted Forest) at checkout
When? Until November 3, 2013
Where? www.leafydreamsnurserydecals.com.au

Oct 292013

Disney Infinity

With only one week to go until the end of our Disney Infinity giveaway here’s another little update on our Disney Infinity journey, this time we’re talking about the Disney Infinity Toy Box. Now before I start it is important to know that we’ve only just discovered the tip of the iceberg, the options in the Toy Box are endless and it would take us a very, very, very long time to explore every aspect of it (we may even never reach that point).

The Disney Infinity Toy Box starts with an empty square of terrain, which you have to build into your own Toy Box World piece by piece. From trees to mountains, from buildings to rivers, from ramps to mazes, from characters to vehicles, from night to day, it is all up to you and you can make it as simple or detailed as you like. Obviously we are still learning and our Toy Box World is nothing special compared to the videos I’ve seen online but the kids don’t mind (they’re easily impressed), they have fun playing and we have a great time adding to the design.

Toy Box Syndrome

The Toy Box comes with a standard selection of items and by playing the games in the Disney Infinity Play Sets you can collect loads and loads more. To ‘earn’ the extra items you don’t need to do anything fancy, they’ll automatically be added to your Toy Box inventory as you play. So the more different Play Sets you get, and the more you play them, the faster your Toy Box will get filled with exciting new components to decorate your very own Toy Box World.

The options are endless in the Toy Box

Within the Toy Box you can play any character of which you own the figurine, eg. Captain Jack Sparrow and Sulley (who are both part of Starter Pack) can play together. This ability to mix and match different movies and characters is very cool, imagine Sulley driving in Mr. Incredible’s car (which you’ve ‘earnt’ by playing The Incredibles Play Set) and Captain Jack Sparrow riding Archie the Scare Pig (which you’ve earnt by playing the Monster University Play Set).

Mr. Incredible Toy Box

If you don’t have the time to create your own Toy Box World or if you just need some inspiration to get started you can count on your fellow Disney Infinity players to help you out in the Disney Infinity Community. You can join the forum, ask questions, send in your own Toy Box creations, check out designs made by others and even download the most popular Toy Box Toy Worlds for you to enjoy!

Power Disc CinderellaIn my Disney Infinity introduction post I already explained a bit about the Power Discs which are available in either a hexagonal or round shape. The Hexagonal Power Discs are made to fit on the Play Set ‘spot’ on the base and add unique collectibles or design features to your Toy Box, allowing you to create an even more magical environment to explore and play in. There are currently 20 different power discs to collect as part of series 1 and series 2 and 3 are just around the corner.

Wreck It Ralph Power DiscBefore Disney Infinity was released we looked at all the discs available, we had hoped to be able to get our hands on one the Wreck It Ralph Power Discs and were lucky enough to find one of them as part of our Disney Infinity Starter Pack. Our kids absolutely love this movie and when you use this particular Ralph disc you can change the sky of your Toy Box world to represent the Sugar Rush game which looks awesome.

Other Power Disc collectibles/design features include Cinderella’s Coach, Stitch’s Blaster, Rapunzel’s Lantern Sky, Mickey’s Jalopy Car, the Dumbo ride from Walt Disney World and many more. I can’t wait to see what special additions the next two series will bring!

If you would love to experience the magic that is Disney Infinity and you haven’t entered our giveaway yet make sure you get your entries in today, the competition will end on November 5, 2013. Entering is super simple, just use the widget below. Up for grabs is a Disney Infinity PS3 Starter Pack valued at $89.95.

To find out more about Disney Infinity, to take a closer look at the game and to watch cool videos of Disney Infinity in action visit www.disneyinfinity.com.au.

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Oct 282013

Chill Factor

Running under the sprinkler, splashing in the blow-up pool, playing a game of soccer or tennis in the garden and having delicious barbecue dinners outside, summer is just around the corner and all this fun in the sun is making the kids hot and thirsty. If you’re looking for a quick (and yummy) way to cool the tribe down on warm days you’ll love the ChillFactor Slushy Maker:

The ChillFactor Slushy Maker

The ChillFactor Slushy Maker

Slushies are a much loved summer treat for kids of all ages (and adults too) and now you can create your very own slushies in whatever flavour you may feel like: your favourite soda, yummy fruit juices, dairy based drinks and even mocktails, the options are endless. Instead of paying big bucks at the shopping centre or petrol station ChillFactor ($14.95) allows you to make your own slushies at home for a fraction of the price and as you get to pick the ingredients you can make them as healthy as you want.

ChillFactor RedThe ChillFactor consists of a cup, lid and spoon straw and is super easy to use, even the kids can do it! Simply place your ChillFactor cup in the freezer for ca. 4-6 hours or until frozen. When you feel like a refreshing treat just grab your ChillFactor cup, fill it with a chilled drink of your choice and squeeze! After squeezing for a few short minutes your slushy is ready, grab your spoon straw and slurp and enjoy.

ChillFactor SqueezeSo how does it work? The walls of the soft, flexible ChillFactor cup are filled with an all-natural cooling solution which instantly freezes any liquid that comes into contact with them. By squeezing the cup you are pushing the liquid around in the cup until all the contents are slushified. Don’t waste money at the shops on expensive slushies that have been swirling around for who knows how long, choose ChillFactor for freshly made slushies every time.

ChillFactor is currently available at Big W and online, choose from green, blue, yellow and red.

To find out more ChillFactor, to take a closer look at how ChillFactor works and to order your own ChillFactor Slushy Maker online visit www.thechillfactor.com.au.

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A prehistoric cookie

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Oct 272013

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

When it comes to Christmas gift shopping it can be hard to come up with original gifts, especially when you are trying to stick to a budget too. Particularly when you are buying presents for friends and neighbours as well as your own family the costs add up quickly, which is why I always keep a steady supply of ‘low cost’ presents in my gift cupboard to help me out at Christmas time, on birthdays and other occasions.

If you are looking for an original gift for a cool little dude look no further than these hip 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters from Oranges and Lemons Boutique:

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Cookie CuttersThe 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters by Londen label Suck UK are sure to be a hit with dino crazy little boys. First there is the fun of making the dough, cutting the shapes and baking them followed by the assembling and of course the eating. Each dinosaur kit contains 4 cutters and together the four shapes make a fabulous edable 3D dinosaur that can stand up all by himself! There are four different dinosaurs to choose from and with a pleasant $14.95 price tag you may want to collect them all.

Cut, Bake, Build and Enjoy!

Cut, Bake, Build and Enjoy!

To find out more about Oranges and Lemons Boutique, to take a closer look at the Dinosaur Cookie Cutters and to order online visit www.orangesandlemonsboutique.com.au.

Oct 262013


Who would have thought, little Sybil is now eight months old and still no teeth. Her three siblings all cut their first tooth around six months old so I have been waiting for that first white bud to appear for a while without anything happening. Even though there are no teeth to show for it just yet she has been chewing and chomping away on anything she can get her hands on. To avoid her going through my handbag and digging up all kinds of unsuitable items to munch on we have given her her very own Bubba Bag instead:

Bubba Bag

The name says it all, the hugely popular Bubba Bag by Gumigem is a bag specifically made for babies. These cute blue neoprene bags are light weight and washable and filled with four gorgeous teething toys inspired by mama’s musthaves: car keys, a phone, a credit card and a purse. Each Bubba Bag toy is made from soft and flexible silicone that can safely be chewed on by teething babies without damaging those precious little teeth.

Bubba Bag Credit Card

Bubba Bag Credit Card

The contents of the Bubba Bag ($40) are the perfect size for little hands and the bag is cleverly designed to stand up and stay open so babies can easily access their own toys by themselves which is great for their motor skills. Our little girl loves playing with these teething toys and we use them a lot when out and about, they’re just what you need when you need to keep your baby quiet and entertained in the car, at church or when visiting friends and family.

Bubba Bag Purse

Bubba Bag Purse + Car Keys

The credit card, phone and purse toy can be used from birth, while the recommended age for the car keys is 10 months and up. Each toy has a different shape and colours to keep it interesting, baby Sybil is particularly keen on the bright red purse, because of the colour it is easy to spot and it looks like the knobs soothe her tender gums. She also uses the car keys to get to the hard-to-reach spots and she likes shaking them like a rattle (a very quiet one, thankfully).

Bubba Bag Phone

Bubba Bag Phone

At Gumigem they look further than just looks, all the Bubba Bag toys carry the CE mark and are non-toxic and washable. When your little one drops them on the ground or covers them with food or drool (as they will, the proof is in the picture!) you can just give them a good rinse and they’re good as new again. We love our Bubba Bag and it is no surprise that they sell out faster than Gumigem can get new ones in. To get your teething baby a Bubba Bag too simply place your pre-order online now, new stock is due to arrive next week.

Non-toxic and washable

Non-toxic and washable

To find out more about Gumigem, to take a closer look at the Bubba Bag and to order online visit www.gumigem.com.au.

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Yumbox takes the guessing out of school lunches

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Oct 252013


Making a decent kids school lunch is not as easy as it sounds. The days of a simple ham sandwich in a gladwrap are over, instead school mums are now expected to serve a variety of (healthy) foods conveniently packaged in reusable containers or pouches. But where to start? What do you pack for your little students, how much should you give them and how do you store it neatly and safely? Let Whimsychild take the hassle out of lunches with the exciting new Yumbox:

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

The Yumbox ($34.95, available in Framboise Pink and Pomme Green) is a clever lunchbox solution that encourages healthy eating. The leak proof container opens up to reveal a removable clear insert that is divided in five food compartments, each able to hold a 1/2 cup content. The compartments represent the different food groups making it a breeze to serve your child a healthy and complete lunch (Little bonus: one small compartment for a tasty dip or yummy treat in the middle).

Yumbox PinkSimply fill the five spots with grains, dairy, fruit, vegetables and protein and voila, you’re done! With all the different food groups covered you can be confident your little bundles of energy have all they need to keep going all day. The innovative Yumbox lid is designed to seal each compartment separately so foods won’t get mixed or leak, yay for a dairy serve of yoghurt or a fruit serve of apple sauce!

Yumbox has each foodgroup covered

Yumbox has each foodgroup covered

Aside from the fact that Yumbox obviously promotes a varied and healthy diet and teaches children (and parents) about portion control it is also an environment friendly product. The lunchboxes are made from high quality food safe materials and are BPA and Phthalate free. At the same time by using a Yumbox for your lunch you are eliminating the need for disposable sandwich bags, wraps and foil so you are not adding any waste to landfill.

Yumbox GreenThe Yumbox is super hot in the US right now and hip mums are having a hard time getting their hands on one of these fabulous lunchboxes. The first order of Yumbox lunchboxes has arrived on Australian shores this month and they will no doubt sell like hot cakes, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Luckily you’re one of the first Aussie mums to hear about them and you can order your Yumbox today at Whimsychild so you can be sure you won’t miss out.

To find out more about Whimsy Child, to take a closer look at the Yumbox and to get your order in visit www.whimsychild.com.au.