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The Game of Things

Finally we’ve seen the first signs of spring, we’ve mowed the lawn and have started to dust off the outdoor setting ready for many relaxing hours spent outside. If you love spending time with family and friends over a typical Aussie barbeque, followed by drinks, games and lots of laughs I’ve got the perfect game for you: The Game of Things by Moose Toys.

The Game of Things - CopyThe Game of Things ($35, 8 years+) is a fabulous games for families and groups of 4 players or more. There are no incorrect answers, if you can read and write you can join in. The game is based around a big pile of 300 question cards which cover a whole range of topics. Each round is lead by a reader, who reads the question out loud. Players then write down their answer and the reader reads all the answers to the group. Now comes the tricky part, guessing who gave which answer…

Things you would do with a million dollars. Things you would do if you were invisible. Things you shouldn’t do with your mouth open. Things cannibals think about while dining. So many questions and even more answers, if you’ve got the right group together The Game of Things will have people roaring with laughter in no time. Answers can be funny, serious or maybe even meant to trick the other players, just make sure it is not too obvious which answer is yours as that’s what will keep you in the game.

Perfect after dinner game

Perfect after dinner game

With 300 different questions, and players who all give different answers, this game can be played again and again without ever becoming boring. As you can imagine the answers will also depend on the age of the players, a bit more straight forward for younger children and a bit more cheeky for a late night game with friends. All the cards, response pad, score pad and even pencils are nicely kept together in the handy wooden storage box.

So many questions...

So many questions…

To find out more about Moose Toys, to take a closer look at The Game of Things and to locate a stockist near you visit

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