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When the twins were born five years ago we got given many gifts by friends and family: toys, clothes, teddies and of course plenty of nappies and toiletries, we received it all. One lovely family friend decided to be a little different and gave us two kids Tupperware Feeding Bowls. By now the twins have (obviously) grown out of all the clothes, used all the nappies and finished playing with the toys but they are still using their feeding bowls every day, what a durable baby gift that turned out to be!

Tupperware Grow With Me Feeding Set

Tupperware Grow With Me Feeding Set

The new Tupperware Grow With Me Feeding Set ($39) consists of two of these fabulous Feeding Bowls with lid (240ml and 430ml) as well as a handy Fork, Spoon and Cutlery Keeper. We have just started using the small Feeding Bowl for baby Sybil and it is the perfect size for a decent baby meal. The liquid-tight seals make sure there are no spills in the fridge or nappy bag and the bowl is microwave safe for a quick warm meal, when babies are hungry they want their dinner fast!

Tupperware Feeding BowlAs she gets older and portion size increases we’ll move on to the larger Tupperware Feeding Bowl for meals, this is the size we still use for our 5-year old twins and it’s perfect. Especially when they’re eating foods that roll or slide around the bowls are very practical as the edges keep the food contained and children can easily prick the food with their forks. In the mean while the small Feeding Bowl will make a great container for fruit, yoghurt, crackers and other snacks when we’re out and about.

Tupperware Spoon

Tupperware Spoon

The sweet Tupperware Fork and Spoon are specifically designed for small children, the ergonomic shape makes them easy to hold for little hands and the bright red colour is very appealing to little eyes. If your toddler is just starting to self feed this cutlery set is a great starting point and even if they drop their cutlery (which they no doubt will, over and over again!) the clever shape will stop the ‘biting area’ from touching the ground.

You're never too young for Tupperware

You’re never too young for Tupperware

When not in use you can keep the cutlery clean and safe in the Cutlery Keeper. Coincidentally the Cutlery Keeper also happens to be the perfect size for baby rusks, yay for no more crushed baby crackers in my bag! As our little lady is only small I still do all the spoon feeding but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to try it herself. To keep her content during meals I let her have a hold of, and play with, the fork while I quickly get some food into her with the spoon. It gets very messy but she’s happy and fed and that’s all that matters!

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