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Vital Greens

While our kids are usually very good and healthy eaters at times they could really use something extra to support their growing bodies. Especially now that they are at kindy there is so much exploring, running, climbing and of course learning to be done that I sometimes wonder if they are really getting all they need to keep up. Just like grownups kids can now enjoy a welcome nutritional boost using the newest member of the Vital Greens family: Vital Kids.

Vital Kids

Vital Kids is specifically created for children aged 5-12 and just like its older sibling it is chock-a-block full of nutrients, 56 of them to be precise. From healthy green vegetables to important vitamins and minerals, from fibres to good bacteria, from omega’s to calcium and much more, Vital Kids has got every aspect of your child’s body covered. With no sugar or anything artificial added it is a healthy and complete way to compliment your child’s everyday diet.

Vital Kids 300g ($59.95)

Vital Kids 300g ($59.95)

Vital Kids comes in powder form, just add one heaped teaspoon to a glass of water, juice or milk and turn it into a shake or you can even add it a bowl of cereal of yoghurt and create a smoothie. While the powder has a green colour (showing off the vegie content!) it actually tastes like berries, a flavour that is appealing to most children. 

56 Nutrients in a cup

56 Nutrients in a cup

Of course our twins are like chalk and cheese so one enjoys the quick milk shake option while the other prefers her daily dose mixed in with in a bowl of yoghurt and fresh fruit. It’s easy to shake or make and so nice to know they’re getting an extra boost to help them keep up with their active lifestyle.

Vital Kids is gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, lactose free, yeast free, egg free and free from artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners so it fits most diets. One tub of Vital Kids (300g) costs $59.95 which lasts ca. 60 days (1x heaped teaspoon a 5g per day).

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  1. Id love to win this healthy prize.

  2. great way to keep the kids healthy.

  3. I’ve heard so many great things about Vital Greens and Vital kids. I would love to finally give it a go in our household. I have two very fussy toddlers so this would be the perfect way to introduce healthy and nutritional beneficial greens into their diet….without having dinner time meltdowns 🙂

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