Aug 112013

The Little Haven

On my hunt for some unique lolly bags for the kids’ party I stumbled upon some great bargains at Little Haven. Instead of ‘wasting’ money on disposable bags that end up in the bin why not surprise your little guests with something that is cute, reusable and very practical? At up to 80% off these funky French Bull plates, bowls and cups are very affordable, all you need is a piece of cellophane to wrap around it and you’re done.

French Bull tableware ($2.95 each)

French Bull tableware ($2.95 each)

French Bull Princess PlateThe French Bull mealtime range is made of strong shatterproof melamine that is BPA-free, heat resistant (up to 180C) and dish washer safe. Featuring a selection of friendly monsters and beautiful princesses in a variety of colours so you can pick different styles for every little boy or girl at the party. Choose from plates, bowls and cups or put together a complete set, all pieces are sold separately and are priced at $2.95 (normal price $9.95-$12.95).

I know my kids love it when they get to take something home from a party that they can look at later, these make a great party keepsake that won’t break the bank.

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