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This time five years ago we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our twins. Even all the twin books on the shelf and every piece of advice from other twin parents could not have prepared us for what was ahead of us. It was crazy, exciting, exhausting, special, scary, difficult, fun, challenging, wonderful and so much more all at the same time. When they were just born it felt like the days and nights would never end, yet now it feels like those five years passed in the blink of an eye and they’re slowly getting ready to start school…

Starting School

Starting School by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker is an absolutely fantastic book for families with children who are starting school. I know there are many ‘preparation’ books out there but this brand new release manages to capture the adventure so beautifully. Instead of focusing on one individual it follows the journey of five little students so that every young reader has someone they can relate to, whether this is the same person throughout the book or a different character in different situations.

Five little students...

Five little students…

Featuring lovely illustrations by talented artist Anna Walker Starting School is not only a delight to read but also just to look at. My 4-year olds love exploring the pages and as they are currently attending kindy they can relate to quite a few of the situations and pictures already. Even though they are twins they are completely different so it is very interesting to see which book character, story or approach appeals to them most.

Getting ready for the big day

Getting ready for the big day

Everything about the big school is new to little ones and this book answers a lot of the practical questions in a fun, simple and friendly way, eg. what to wear and what to bring, what the class room/school yard looks like, what activities you might do, what lunch time is like and even toilet visits are covered.

And there they go!

And there they go!

What I love even more about Starting School is how it shows readers that every child is unique, they all look different and feel different and that is perfectly fine. It is okay to be unsure or nervous, that is all part of the process and you are not alone, plenty of other kids will feel the same. Within no time you’ll be running around the play ground, make lots of new friends and before you know it is is school pick up time.

For a bit of a background story make sure you check out Anna Walker’s blog on Starting School. I stumbled upon this post by accident and you will be amazed by all the work that has gone into the illustrations for this fabulous book. I will never look at this book the same way again, Anna has poured so much talent and love into this project and the end result is just amazing.

To find out more about Jane Godwin and Anna Walker’s Starting School ($24.99) published by Penguin Books Australia and to order online visit

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  1. My life is like a TV Soap
    Need book, cannot cope
    Days of my Life spent feeling blue
    With children young and restless too.

  2. my daughter starts school next year and I can’t wait because she is a very active child and im hoping she calms down a lot.

  3. “Miss 6” starts school next year. She is very excited at the prospect. We talk about school regularly and drive past the school often, so she is becoming familiar with the buildings, etc.

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