Aug 252013

Sarah + Abraham

If your little ones are refusing to eat their dinner try serving it on one of these amazing personalised mealtime products from Sarah + Abraham:

Sarah + Abraham Personalised Plates

Sarah + Abraham Personalised Plates

Now before you click away because ‘all personalised items look the time’, I suggest you look again. Sarah + Abraham takes personalisation to the next level, allowing you to create gorgeous tableware that is not only personalised with your childs name but also with his/her look. Choose the gender, pick the hair colour and style, select the skin colour, the right eye colour and even the eye shape, it’s all these little things that make your child unique and kids will love looking at ‘themselves’ during dinner.

Sarah + Abraham Fox PlateThere are 4 different girls and 3 different boys Personalised Kids Plates to choose from, as well a plenty of other styles with popular themes like owls, cars, foxes and fire trucks. All plates and bowls are BPA free and dishwasher safe for easy washing up. To complete the look you can also order a very cute Personalised Kids Place Mat, your adorable childs face on side and a handy handwriting exercise on the other. Just grab a dry-erase marker and mealtime will never be boring again.

In Australia you can find the Sarah + Abraham range at Sweet Creations, prices range from $29.95-$49.95 and delivery takes ca. 2 weeks.

To find out more about Sweet Creations, to browse the Sarah + Abraham range and to order online visit

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