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As I do a fair bit of online shopping I have come to know my regular delivery men quite well. They have a chat to the kids and let them sign off on my parcels (Can I have a turn on your drawing board mailman?) making deliveries enjoyable for all of us. I am (obviously) most excited about what is in the parcel but for my kids it is all about the packaging. At our house every box gets a second chance at life by being a robot helmet for our kids, if your little ones are totally into robots to they will love these cool robot finds (without batteries and no noise!):

eeBoo Build a Robot game ($36.95)

eeBoo Build a Robot game ($36.95)

eeBoo Build a Robot GameBuilding a real robot may be a little tricky but the Build a Robot game ($36.95) by eeBoo is a good place to start. The aim of this award winning game is to complete the robot picture by placing all the different parts in the right spot on the board. Using the spinner kids can collect the parts they need, will you be the first to finish building the robot? The game is designed for ages 5+ and can be played by 1-4 players, I think our nearly 5-year olds would love to give this a go. Available from Itty Bitty Box.

Mudpuppy Magnetic Dress Ups RobotsThis awesome Magnetic Dress Up Robots Kit ($29.95) by Mudpuppy offers hours of entertainment for little robot fans and encourages them to use their imagination. Inside the tin box you’ll find four different backgrounds and more than 30 magnets so kids can build their very own robots. Build, change, take down and start all over again, endless fun and perfect for travelling. You can find this and other great Mudpuppy magnetic dress up kits in store at Whimsy Child.

Bulldozer Robot TransformerVehicles and robots are both very popular themes for little boys and now you can have it all in just one toy, check out this wooden Robot Bulldozer Transformer Toy ($22.95). It goes from cool robot to hard working bulldozer in a flash, such a clever design. There are five great transformers to choose from and my favourite is the Robot Submarine Transformer Toy, now that’s a vehicle you don’t see every day. To order visit the Rudy and the Dodo.

Flip & Draw RobotsThere are so many ways to build your own robot, I really like this Flip & Draw Robots Book ($17.95) by Mudpuppy. Grab a box of crayons or markers and colour in the printed characters or, if you feel the inspiration bubbling up inside, try your hand at creating a unique robot of your own. Each page is divided in three strips so you can mix and match the robot’s head, body and legs, the funnier the combination the better! Available at Whimsy Child.

Last but not least: If you need your robot quickly you can never go wrong with an empty cardboard box, just pop into your local Bunnings and grab a few in different sizes. Good luck building your very own robot!

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