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On school days our mornings are always busy, with four children under five there is a lot to be done and they still need help with most things. Getting dressed, brushing teeth, quickly organise breakfast, lunch and snack, then refill the water bottles and off we go. It is easy to forget to actually check the drink bottles for cleanliness but I highly recommend you do take a closer look next time you fill up…

Munch Drink Bottles

Many bottles have little ridges or small gaps and are made of porous materials which make perfect hiding spots for bacteria. Even if your children just drink water there will still be nasties that find their way in and in turn they float straight into your child’s mouth, eek!! Munch Stainless Steel Drink Bottles are both clean and safe, free from toxins and BPA and made with high quality 18/8 food-grade brushed stainless steel.

Munch Drink BottlesStainless steel is known to be a very hygenic material choice, it is easy to clean and it leaves your drink tasting fresh without retaining odours. By choosing a Munch reusable and recyclable bottle instead of single use fruit boxes or plastic bottles you are also doing your share for the environment. Munch bottles ($9.90-$15.40) are available in 350ml, 500ml and 800ml size, so from little tots all the way up to thirsty dads they have got the whole family covered.

Munch Sippy SpoutRaising kids is expensive enough as it is so parents will be pleased to know that Munch bottles are a great investment. There are five different Munch Bottle Lids ($3.30-$4.40) to choose from and as your child grows you can simply replace the lid instead of the whole bottle. Starting with a sippy spout for the youngest ones up to a more grown up flat cap or sport cap, you get to choose the type of lid that comes with your new bottle and spare lids are available in store.

Munch Insulated CoverTo protect your shiny new bottle and to make sure your drink stays at the right temperature you can slip on one of the Munch Neoprene Insulated Covers ($6.60-$9.90). These padded, washable little ‘jackets’ are available in a range of prints and colours to suit young and old and are fitted with a handy clip so your child’s bottle can stay attached to backpack or belt. Nice bonus: These clever covers also keep condensation away from school books and clothes.

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