Aug 092013

Allergy Riders

With three of our little ones celebrating their birthday this month I am in for some busy weeks. Shopping for and wrapping gifts, organising lolly bags and decorations and of course plenty of cooking and baking. These days there are more and more children who have special dietary requirements and serving the wrong food to the wrong party guest can have serious consequences. Make sure all little visitors, allergies or not, can join the party with Allergy Riders.

Allergy Riders Baking Cups ($6.95, 50pcs)

Allergy Riders Baking Cups ($6.95, 50pcs)

Australian mum Amy experienced first hand how tricky parties can be when you suffer from food allergies like her son Ned. Always having to check labels, ask the host questions about the food or even bring your own snacks just to be sure, surely that not what a fun party should be like! Amy decided to take matters into her own hands and created Allergy Riders, taking the hassle out of allergies.

Allergy Riders Baking CupsThe concept is very easy: By using Allergy Riders baking cups and food flags that are easily recognisable by colour and text allergy sufferers can quickly identify which foods are safe for them to eat. Less time wasted on questioning cooks and labels, just grab the ‘colour’ that fits your diet and dig in! The Baking Cups are perfect for delicious muffins and cupcakes while the Food Flags can mark most other snacks, easy as pie.

Allergy Rider Food FlagsThe Allergy Riders range covers four of the most common allergies (Dairy, Nut, Gluten and Egg) as well as a Vegan diet. The bright colours are appealing to little eyes whilst not being childish so they can be used by grownups too. If your child can’t read you can just tell them which colour to look for, very handy. Each pack of 50 Baking Cups is priced at just $6.95 and 25 Food Flags cost only $5.95 plus shipping is capped at $5 Australia wide.

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