Jul 092013


Eco friendly, stylish, innovative and last but not least very cute, I am totally in love with Cliques. This fabulous concept by Australian designer Nicholas Koschade may still be a work in progress but I am convinced it will be huge hit. Check out the video below and be (literally) delighted:

Angel CliquesThe more the merrier definitely applies to Cliques. As soon as two Cliques units touch hands they light up and you can connect as many Cliques as you like. My kids would love some of these illuminating buddies to light up their bedroom! Using high quality LEDs (very eco friendly) Cliques supply over 12 hours of continuous light, after which they can simply be recharged via your computer’s USB port or even your iPod/iPad/iPhone charger. Of course they won’t get hot and there are no loose parts so they are completely safe.

Ninja CliquesHowever Cliques are not just a practical light source, they also spread the important social message of friendship, shared interests and teamwork, how cool is that? There will be a whole wardrobe full of Cliques gear available, from clothing to headpieces and from prints to seasonal dress ups. I especially love the fact that kids can even draw on their blank boy or girl Cliques and create their own unique design, they can change their Cliques’ look as often as they like.

Panda CliquesTo find out more about Cliques and to help speed up the production process by contributing to this great project visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/join-the-clique. If you make a small donation of $5 or $20 you are making this talented designer very happy AND you are in the draw to win your own set of Cliques plus two character outfits of your choice. Hurry as the campaign and competition will end in just 4 days.

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