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Life is not easy when you are two going on twenty. Miss Juliet is trying hard to get along with the twins but sometimes she is just a tad too young to keep up. While the twins are doing great eating at the big dinner table she is clearly not ready, wiggling around, hopping on and off and making a mess. Luckily we’ve recently found a solution that keeps everyone happy: the new phil&teds Poppy.

phil&teds Poppy

phil&teds Poppy

The phil&teds Poppy is not just an ordinary high chair, it is specifically designed to grow with your child and goes ‘from high chair to my chair’ in a flash. 

Poppy High ChairThe sleek, simple, modern high chair is very easy to set up, the legs and feeding tray just click into place and no screws or tools are needed. Fitted with a five-point safety harness the Poppy can be used from ca. 6 months onwards (baby has to be able to hold up its head). As well as the safety straps the chair features a raised bar in between the legs to keep your baby from sliding down.

Miss 2 enjoying a snack

Miss 2 enjoying a snack

The molded seat is made with an insulating, hypo-allergenic, UV resistant and non-toxic material called aerocore to provide a soft and comfortable seating area. It is also waterproof and can be wiped clean, after all dinner time can get pretty messy! The large feeding tray is made with the same aerocore material for easy cleaning, and to really help out busy mums it can even be placed in the dishwasher. Because the tray is seamless there are no hiding spots for nasty bacteria to grow in.

Poppy is very light weight so miss 4 just drags it around to enjoy a quiet read

Poppy is very light weight so miss 4 just drags it around to enjoy a quiet read

Poppy My ChairOnce your child gets too big for a high chair you can convert your Poppy from high chair into a cool kids chair by removing the tray and shortening the four legs. The tray and legs just unclick and the raised part in between the legs simply unscrews (a smaller cover is included). The transformation takes just a few minutes and your new chair is ready, it’s the perfect seat for a kids bedroom, playroom or reading corner. With a generous weight limit of 20kg it can easily hold an average 3-4 year old (even my almost 5-year old weighs only 17kg).

Told you she's pretty chuffed with her chair :)

Told you she’s pretty chuffed with her chair 🙂

What I really like about the Poppy is that it, unlike our old high chair, slots nicely onto the dinner table so she can join the big people instead of sitting second row. She is still confined to a high chair and her food stays nicely in place on the tray but she doesn’t seem to mind as much as before. I also love that the tray is rounded so it fits much better around her body, most high chairs have straight, rectangular trays so lots of food seems to fall in between.

... And baby S is waiting next in line, not long to go!

… And baby S is waiting next in line, not long to go!

Setting up a nursery is expensive so make a smart investment and choose phil&teds Poppy ($149), the high chair that will last well past babyhood. Poppy is available in Lime, Bubblegum and Cranberry.

To find out more about phil&teds, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.philandteds.com.

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  1. I love the safety of the five point harness and also the fact that it can fit right into the dinner table

  2. The fact that you can have a stylish baby highchair that you can use for a long time as it converts

  3. CE-UTE! This little chair is gorgeous! We’ll often eat in our lounge where it’s much warmer in the winter months, so the adaptable legs are perfect for us. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  4. The innovative design and colours are so appealing and love the fact that the tray can be put in the dishwasher… if only I could put baby in there after some meals? Wouldn’t dare but this allows me more time for play with my DD after wiping her down a win win for all!

  5. It is stylish! Looks really nice and would fit right in at our home.

  6. Love it’s versatility. How gorgeous does this chair look and it also looks easy to clean. I can see my bigger boys fighting with the baby over who is going to use it 🙂

  7. Love the smooth sleek look, making it so easy to clean.

  8. My first grandchild is due at the end of July and I know my daughter only has a secondhand highchair which I could take and she could take the Bill and Ted’s as she really wants the best of everything for this little one but money only goes so far. It’s great that it can keep on being used long after you need a high chair.

  9. have entered but it wont let me click into the last entry, but i am a subscriber of weeky sales savings and giveaways newsltter

  10. I love the tray, how it looks comfortable for baby – fits loads of food and stylish

  11. It is a very stylish chair which would look great in any trendy home.

  12. I love the flexibility to use the same chair from 6mths to 41/2 years!!

  13. You can use it for a long time 🙂

  14. I love that the high chair converts to a kids chair and that it looks very comfortable.

  15. I love that it can be used as a normal chair and that it is so easy to clean!!

  16. What a gorgeous highchair! I love that it converts for the child to use it as they get older. A great idea.

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